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Jun 27, 2007 08:53 AM

pls suggest a place - like employees only, but on the east side

need to find a loungy bar (for two) downtown on the east side - the closest vibe i'm thinking of would be employees only - or brandy library - but both of those places are on the west side - can anyone suggest a place? i'm stumped!

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    1. well, there's the new lounge bar called PDT ("please don't tell"), supposedly a hidden lounge behind Crif Dogs on St Marks near 1st ave. another cozy, somewhat hidden lounge bar is Key Bar on 13th St between 1st and A.

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        PDT is super small. You should call and make reservations, but keep in mind if you like the feel of EO (read crowd) PDT allows anyone in from frat boys to ...

      2. East Side Company on Essex and Grand or Pegu Club at Houston and W Broadway

        1. Flatiron Lounge -- 21st and Bway/6th. Not exactly east side but getting closer...

          1. thanks for all your suggestions! i think we'll be headed to pegu, with all the other places on the back burner for the rest of the summer!