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Jun 27, 2007 08:45 AM

Local favorites in Orlando, FL

I will be in Orlando FL with my wife for a week. I’d love to get some recommendations for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nothing too fancy. Just looking for good quality food.

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  1. If youre looking for a unique experience, and like Chinese.. I always recommend Chan's off of Colonial. They have the most awesome authentic dim sum you'll find within a 200 mile radius.

    I recommend going on Sunday (the busiest day) and getting there between 11am - 1pm. You might have to wait a bit, but it is well worth it.

    I dont live in Orlando anymore, but gladly make the hour drive once a month just to go there.

    Also... since you'll be in the area, just a little walk west on Colonial will bring you to the "Noodle House" (directly opposite Pulix Supermarket)... get half a pound of crispy pork to go. It is out of this world.

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    1. Your question is too vague to answer. Orlando is a big city and where you will be staying and how eager you are to travel for a meal is key. I'm glad to help, but please be a lot more specific.

      As for dim sum, Chan's is good, but Ming's Bistro is better. Newer, cleaner, brighter and friendlier -- and while they only use the carts on the weekend, the dim sum is available every day.
      It's a little hard to find, It's on a street just north of Colonial off Mills in a strip mall at the far end. 212 Woodward St, 407-898-9672

      I definitely second the crispy pork -- the name of the restaurant is Tasty Wok, 1246 E Colonial Dr., (407) 896-8988. Their duck is also fantastic. Get a pound of each and some fried rice and go to town . . .


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      1. re: Bob Mervine

        Thanks for the suggestions Bob =) I've seen Mings, but didnt know they do a dim sum! I'll try it on my next dim sum marathon!

        Tasty Wok, eh? I guess I call it the Noodle House as thats what the locals call it, I just assumed thats what it was called! haha! =) Everything there is good. =)

        1. re: Bob Mervine

          Thanks Bob! We are staying at Disney Hilton--1751 Hotel Plaza Boulevard, Lake Buena Vista.

        2. Jungle Jim's by universal. They make a really good chicken sandwich- with bacon and peanut butter. They have a website too- . Good stuff:)

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            Since you're in the Disney area, I'd strongly suggest Boma at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. You'll need to make reservations pretty early out, but the quality is great, especially for a buffet. It's hands-down the best buffet we've ever tried. Here are our reviews:

            We also like Lee & Rick's Oyster Bar, if you don't mind a dive but like oysters. That's not too far from where you are - it's on Old Winter Garden Rd. If you're looking for fast, counter service food, we like Tijuana Flats. They have locations in Winter Garden, on Kirkman, and near the Hunters Creek area. Here's our review for Tijuana Flats:

            If you want to go out to some place a bit nicer, Roy's on West Sand Lake has great, fresh seafood. The tuna there is unbelievable - so fresh, and melts in your mouth like butter. Again, reservations are recommended, though not as far out as Boma requires:

            Heather W

            1. re: hmp2z

              I second Lee & Rick's as the place to go for oysters. I've never been in the summer though. How does the "R" rule play out? Bob - got any input?

              1. re: bkhuna

                Smaller, not as briney, their liquid can sometimes be cloudy -- as they are in spawning season -- but good and certainly edible.

                Try the fried chicken at Lee and Rick's also. It's quite good.


              2. re: hmp2z

                Tijuana Flats is gross, with ridiculous plastic utensils and thimblefuls of storebought bottled sangria.
                Taco Bell is cheaper and food/ambience are identical.

                1. re: Covert Ops

                  Comparing Tijuana Flats to Taco Bell is silly. I think Tijuana Flats is comparable in quality to Baja Fresh, the food is freshly prepared and in my opinion, very good.

                  If you are looking for good seafood at a reasonable price in Orlando, I would recommend High Tide Harry's on Semoran and Colonial. A dozen oysters are $8.00, crab legs are around $15.

                  Since you are staying around Disney, Raglan Road has great food and a fun atmosphere. It's also very close to where you are staying as it's in Downtown Disney.

                  1. re: PeggyKate

                    We love Raglan Road! That's a great suggestion. I agree that the Tijuana Flats/Taco Bell post is a bit bizarre. Both are fast food, but there the comparison ends. If you're going there expecting gourmet quality food for $6.50, then you'll be disappointed. But if you want decent counter service, then it's a good place to go.

                    Heather W

            2. Thank you all for your suggestions. I just got back from Orlando today and it was a blast! Got a chance to check out Cecil's, Dixie Cross roads, Earl of sandwich and Texas De Brazil etc. All these were good, but I got to admit that Texas De Brazil was the best. I wish I had more time to spend in Orlando....but may be next time. If any of you ever come to Minneapolis/ st paul area--would love to give some recommendations.

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              1. re: Ramesh

                So glad we'uns could be helpful/

                Bob (learning to talk like people in North Carolina while on vacation)

                1. re: Ramesh

                  There is a Dixie Crossroads in Orlando now? Yikes! I hope you stuck to the shellfish! ;-)

                  1. re: littlelea

                    yes, it's across I-drive from Texas de Brazil in the Festival Bay mall.

                    For a cheaper version of Texas if you can't get a reservation and/or do't want to wait because you didn't make a reservation, try Crazy Grill 7048 I-Drive. 2 less meats but Churrascarria (sp?) just the same.

                    Make sure you make reservations for Texas!! and check out their e-club!!

                    1. re: NY P8ntball

                      Orlando Dining
                      Bob Mervine: Florida Dining Guru - Have you seen this and what is your take? Thanks Jackie aka yayajac

                      1. re: yayajac

                        Seems like a decent snapshot of Orlando's contemporary food/bar/hotel scene, if somewhat limited.
                        Research is current, except for the fact that Anette Gray is leaving Jiko.
                        Lots they missed, especially the club scene. And why Redlight instead of Tom & Jerry's, Blue Martini or Fox & Hound.

                        Don't recognize the writer's name -- in fact, much of the stuff is similar to stuff posted on these boards.

                        The more the merrier, I say.