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Jun 27, 2007 08:24 AM


I'm giving an evening party for my brother's birthday and am stuck trying to plan a menu and am looking for help. His favorite food is lox, bagels and cream cheese and Tastycake Jrs. I would like to plan a party for 20-25 using these foods but can't think of anything fun, different or unpredictable, much less sophisticated. Maybe tiny bagels with lox as appetizers, but those tiny bagels really aren't good. A few pastas as a main course?

We keep a kosher home so there couldn't be any meat products in this menu.

Any and all ideas very, very welcome.

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  1. Hello! I will tell you one of my very favorite appetizer recipe that you might want to incorporate into your menu. It is so simple, but really, really outstanding!

    Triscuits covered in cream cheese and the sprinkled with cracked black pepper. On top of that place your lox, and then on top of that, a sliver of red onion.

    The melody of flavors that swirl around in your mouth is just fantastic, and I in all the years I have been serving these hors d’œuvres, I have never once had even a single one left on the plate.

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      How about a smoked salmon cheese cake -- savory, served at room temp, garnished with dill? Use the tastycakes in a macerated fresh fruit layered dessert. I always like a cold couscous salad with tomatoes, olives, etc. etc. Thai noodle dish, made with crunchy peanut butter, coconut milk, lime, fresh basil, some bean spouts, and plenty of stir fry type veggies -- add heat with hot peppers, or not.

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        Thanks to both of you. On that smoked salmon cheese cake, do you know where I could find a recipe for that? And I like the idea of tastycakes layed with fruit. Thanks again for the ideas.

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          Here's a really good one -- I always liked Ruth Heiges' recipes when I was on the Jewish Food group. Check the archives also, you may find something fun there. A really good collection of kosher recipes so you don't have to think! or chase ingredients that don't have hechshers.

    2. If you want to do a little work, you can just wrap some lox around a little Cream Cheese ball and stick a skewer through it.

      Also, you could try to make a cake out of the Tastycakes...

      You could make little fresh pizza bagels (the toasting of the mini bagels will help) use a slice of tomato and fresh mozzeralla slices.

      Get some smoked salmon chunks and add it to some fresh pasta and add grated motzerella and olive oil.

      Gee I feel like we are playing Kosher Iron Chief...

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        You could make a Tastykake-misu... a la Twinkie-misu

        For a main, you could make lox pizza. Take pizza dough, spread with a mixture of cream cheese and white sauce/alfredo, then top with onions, tomatoes, capers, and a sprinkling of lemon juice, then bake for a few minutes til the dough is cooked. Layer on lox slices, then serve.

        With this main, I'd serve bagels chips (maybe homemade garlic seasoned) with cheeses or dips.

        OR, if you don't do a main that really showcases salmon, for appetizers, lox roll-ups... Spread tortillas with cream cheese, add lox, onion slices, capers, tomato slices, and a little lemon juice, then roll up and slice.

        With this, you could do a tortellini with an eggplant tapenade sauce (I like the one from TJ's), then stir-fry in a little pre-cooked salmon and chopped garlic... Garnish with parmesan cheese.

      2. with lots of smoked salmon going on in the first course, maybe a nice wild mushroom ravioli in a decadent cream sauce would be good as a main course. Grilled asparagas on the side (do ahead and serve room temp). Of course, you could do a smoked salmon pasta dish too.

        Appetizer ideas:
        Smoked salmon pate/spread with bagel chips
        Smoked salmon devilled eggs

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          Thanks to azcohen and christnp. Any ideas on wine?

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            Smoked salmon devilled eggs are really good with plenty of fresh dill as a starter. I'd also do tea sandwiches with salmon and your preferred creamy topping. You can make a good spread by combining equal parts goat cheese and cream cheese in the food processor with some dill, a little lemon juice, and a little garlic. You'll want to thin it with a few T. of milk. This is also good as a dip with some fresh vegetables if you'd like to do a veggie tray. I'd go with something lighter for the main course since it's summer, and then serve a rich dessert, like fresh berries with sabayon. Someone recently posted a recipe for a hearty couscous salad that looks great here:


            It would be lovely with Israeli couscous, assuming you can get it.