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Jun 27, 2007 08:11 AM

Rubbermaid Premier food storage containers...love, love, love...

Just got rid of 20 years worth of various containers for left-overs & replaced them with these...stackable, OK for freezer, fridge, microwave, elegant design, useful sizes & shapes...Cabinet clutter, gone, discolored plastic, gone...hallelujah!!!!!


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  1. looks like a great product.. i love the no staining, just curious though, the bases look like hard clear plastic/resin and i find that products like that tend to shatter very easily, especially if frozen (im a complete clutz!) i would love to buy a set but don't want to spend all that money on "tupperware" that im going to break. if thats the case ill just keep re-using my sour cream containers (lol jk)

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      According to the website, they have a lifetime guarantee...

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        According to the web site, they're made of polycarbonite, which in my experience is very durable and definitely won't break if you drop them. They will scratch if you scrub them with something abrasive, though, which I see the FAQ notes. In terms of non-staining, the FAQ also says that while they resist tomato stains, turmeric will stain them. But then, I've never found a storage container other than glass or ceramic that can handle storing curry without staining, and even glass sometimes does.

      2. I love everything Rubbermaid, and this product lives up to its name. I have one piece that someone gave me something in. But the best is their "cool" website!
        Isn't it amazing how finding something like this makes the kitchen such a more pleasant place?!

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          you're sooo right. The cupboard that held a messy bunch of leftover containers, is now neat & organized + I gained so much space!

        2. I do hope you gave your old stuff to charity shops or groups. Believe it or not, someone needs them.

          Yes, they are very pretty, but I'm trying to weed out even the Rubbermaid and Tupperware in favour of glass storage containers - Pyrex and some Italian firms make great ones, but alas I'm not satisfied with their LIDS - I've had a couple of the Pyrex glass storage containers crack on me, which is extremely annoying. Long time ago, I bought wonderful Danish square storage containers, probably also polycarbonate, but those too stain with spices... And glass is safer healthwise.

          One thing I would buy, though, not for storage but to take food to work etc is the collapsible container. It is very annoying to carry a bulky but empty container home, and discourages environmentally-frendly habits.

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            Mason jars work pretty well for a lot of things and you don't have to worry about the lids. They are not space-efficient, but they sure keep things fresh a long time. I still have an onion from Easter that hasn't gone bad.

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              >> I still have an onion from Easter that hasn't gone bad.

              Wow! If I had that onion, I would be tempted to tell everyone I know. My co-workers would think I'm weird (even more so than they already do).

              Thanks for the tip about mason jars. I'm trying to reduce or eliminate the plastic that touches my food, but the Pyrex containers only go so far.


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                Don't forget that there are also wide-mouth Masons, which make it possible to store foods you couldn't get through the opening of the regular kind.

                I store most soups and boullons in Masons now. They are sort of squared-off, so not so bad in terms of space.

                Yes, I am concerned about plastic etc, and I don't live anywhere near the mythical "Left Coast".

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                  And you can vacuum seal those jars with an attachment from Foodsaver. Really great for prolonging the life of nuts, fresh coffee, etc.

          2. I have one of these so far, and it works great, no staining whatsoever.

            1. How does this stuff compare to the stuff Sharper Image sells. Did you check out the Sharper Image storage containers?


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                Don't know how the Sharper Image holds up to the new Rubbermaid stuff, but it didn't do as well as the old Rubermaid containers. Save your money and avoid them.