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Jun 27, 2007 08:05 AM


Will be PASSING THROUGH the outskirts of St. Louis on the way to Kansas City and would like to stop for lunch at any place that has great soup and a killer BLT or some place similar and unique (no chains, please) that is close to I-70, I-270 or I-64 or not too far out of the way.( I know about McConnell's Pub for burgers/fish and chips and will be doing that some other time.) Any and all reccs appreciated--thanx!

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  1. Smoke House Market on 64 in Chesterfield Valley:

    1. All my non-vegetarian friends sing the praises of the killer BLT at the Crown Candy Kitchen, just off I-70.

      The atmosphere at the CCK is straight out of the year 1919. You will enjoy the experience.

      1. I can attest that the BLT at Crown Candy is over the top. They are very busy at lunch. And if you take the outer belt (270) you will bypass north St. Louis where this restaurant is located. But crossing the river downtown (Poplar St. bridge) midday should be OK. I-64 or locally known as 40 is under major reconstruction with lane closures daily. You might check the MODot website on their daily updates.

        1. Thanx !! I'll scope out the Smoke House Market--love those places that have their menu and prices online, so there are no surprises when you get there.
          As to the Crown Candy Kitchen, WOW, what a coincidence. I have only been there once (2-3 years ago), but this year I will be in the St. Louis area twice in the fall within 2 weeks and the second time, when I stay in STL, my first stop (before sending this message) was going to be...The Crown Candy Kitchen!!- of course the ice cream goodies, great service and old-time atmosphere all make it worth the trip, but now that I think of it, I probably did have a BLT or something similar for lunch, and I'm sure it was great if I did, cause I definitely thought I would return. Definitely a Chowhoundy place. Thanx again the replies and for seconding that emotion. Will be visiting both places.