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Jun 27, 2007 08:03 AM

Best Bar or Resto for Beer-ophiles

Have a beer snob from the U.S. visiting for a few days and wanted to take him to a few local bars that feature outstanding beers on tap (especially Ontario microbrews). Other than C'est What and the Bier Markt any suggestions for Toronto

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  1. Beerbistro
    Mill St. Brewery

    1. Second the Mill St. Brewery suggestion. Also would suggest the Rebel House. They have a great selection of Cdn beer on tap. They also make a great poutine.

      1. I'd recommend a tour of Steam Whistle - right downtown, and then you could head off to any of the other recs for dinner. It is a beautiful building - and I do love the beer!

        1. We've taken beerophiles to Volo (587 Yonge Street). They have some neat stuff, especially cask beers. The appetizers (that I've tried) are good, but can't comment on the mains.

          1. i recommend smokeless joe on john between richmond and adelaide. the food is meh but the selection of beer is fantastic. the staff are all true knowledgeable beerophiles