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Jun 27, 2007 08:00 AM

CéFiore Coming to Hollywood & Orange

The signs have gone up in the windows of the old Gelato Paradiso location announcing CéFiore in their old spot, across from the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and the Chinese Theater. Brown paper covers the windows, too, and the freezer cases were removed about a week ago. So CéFiore will have a prime spot in the 6922 Hollywood building with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, America Apparel (the clothing equivalent of Pinkberry), and every gourmet's favorite, Hooters, and it will be just a few doors away from the new H&M. And tourists from around the country and the world be be exposed to the brand, too.

Pinkberry has reporterdly laid their claim at Hollywood & Vine, with considerably tonier company like Katsuya by Starck, The W Hotel, and Whole Foods.

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  1. Can't wait for CeFiore to arrive, as I missed out on Gelato Paradiso. I like Bulgarini, but not enough to sit through the 101, then drive through Echo Park, then manage the 2 and 134, then drive through Altadena.

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      With Mashti Malone just around the corner on La Brea, Gelato Paradiso had a challenge to make a success of that location.

    2. We also just noticed a sign for CeFiore in the old DQ space on Lankershim at Magnolia in NoHo.

      1. I went to CéFiore in Little Tokyo this evening after dinner at Blossom on Main. It's been awhile since I've been to CéFiore - in fact, it was still just named "Fiore" when I went - so I wanted a chance to get reacquainted with their product. I had the raspberry-pomegranate swirled with green tea (topped with my favorite combination of blueberries, walnuts, and mochi). The raspberry-pomegranate was good, very subtle, a less artificial flavor than Cantaloop's blueberry and not as forward as Snowberry's peach. The texture is quite creamy, more like the soft serve ice cream style of Snowberry than the sorbet-like style of Pinkberry and Cantaloop. It's an excellent product, and I'm excited to have it around. With CéFiore and Cantaloop about two blocks apart, then, there will be two distinct styles and six unique flavors for the frozen yogurt fans to chose from, along with the myriad toppings (azuki beans at CéFiore, cashews and lychee and goji berries at Cantaloop). Hollywood Boulevard is becoming ground zero is the froyo wars, and Stinkberry has yet to even stick their garish green-and-pink flag in the ground...

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          1. CéFiore was a big hit at work today. I saw people from other companies' offices streaming in with cups from CéFiore, and we went down and got some this afternoon. Everyone dug it. Except me. I was a big disappointed that A) the topping bar was smaller than the Little Tokyo location - including no walnuts! - and, B) they're stingier in Hollywood than Little Tokyo, too. My large had as much yogurt in it as my friend's medium. Not cool.