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Jun 27, 2007 07:54 AM

Canteen's Happy Meal

Tuesdays at Canteen are prix fixe:
26 June 2007
Sweet Corn Soup with a seared scallop
Pork Prime Rib with fresh fig and mustard sauce
Raspberry Pound Cake with whipped cream and fresh berries

- Our Happy Meal was $38
I will try not to make your eyes roll with my excessive hyperbole.
I will attempt restraint. But, OMG, how I love Dennis Leary's cooking!

Corn Soup is like velvet on the tongue and the Scallop was huge. Sweet and Rich - but not in excess, it was just right. The scallop is perfectly seared with the taste of the sea.

The Pork Prime Rib is Niman Ranch and what flavor! Pork should always taste this good, slow-roasted at a low temperature for two hours = sweet and tender to the bone plus the sweetness of a fresh Mission fig and the tang of multi-grain mustard with flecks of crisp potato inspires Pork Dreams. Ask ChowFun!

Pound Cake; freshly baked with a delectable crumb and a sugared crust, plump fresh raspberries and a raspberry coulis, whipped cream to make me tremble with pleasure.

817 Sutter Street
San Francisco

Annual Summer Pig Feast is 17 July at Canteen.

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  1. Sound great, Cynthia! Were there raspberries in the poundcake? I didn't see any details about the pig feast on their website. What's it all about?

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    1. re: Carb Lover

      - no raspberries in the cake. The crumb of the cake is light - just slightly sweetened but rich, — not dense like a traditional pound cake.

      1. re: Carb Lover

        Dennis Leary says that he'll post the menu for the Summer Pig Feast on the day... 17 July... might be $60 per person.

        1. re: Cynsa

          Why do so many great things have to be during "Clearlake Week"???... sigh ...

          1. re: Cynsa

            I found myself in the neighborhood yesterday morning, so on the strength of Cynsa's passion for Canteen, I raced over for lunch. The corn soup had that fresh, barely-cooked quality to it, accented by a generous sprinkling of smoky chili powder. I ordered the pan-fried sea bass with spinach and wax beans. The fish was a perfectly cooked, crisp-skinned fillet generously basted with brown butter. And I couldn't resist ordering the home-made rootbeer (which, while refreshing, really didn't go at all with what I ordered.) I'd have ordered dessert, but they had only one on offer, and I didn't feel like pound cake with raspberies. They offer more choices for each course during dinner.

            Oh, and speaking of dinner. . .I asked about the pig dinner. Unfortunately, as of yesterday, they were fully booked for both seatings and were only taking names for the waitlist. If any one among you does go, please post!

            1. re: Cynsa

              17 July - 200-lb Hog Dinner
              Brioche rolls
              amuse buche - cold green melon juice with cardamon seed
              Tomato Salad - first of the season with buttermilk
              Fish Soup with garlic crostini with saffron, hot chili
              Pork Two Parts
              -braised shoulder and pork belly with chanterelles
              -roasted loin with curried corn and mustard
              Fig Gogonzola Treviso salad
              White Nectarines poached in syrup with peach sorbet and bitter almond cream

              The Wild Salmon Dinner is scheduled for 31 July. Two seatings.

              1. re: Cynsa

                The green melon soup amuse was clean and refreshing, with a pearl of cardamon to scent up the tastebuds..
                The brioche rolls were eggy, buttery and just out of the oven good!
                Tomato season resulted in a good.. basically unadorned tomato salad with a backround buttermilk dressing that allowed the tomato to come center stage.
                The soup was lightly seasoned and golden from the the delicate flavor of the fish also was enhanced with a 'light hand'. The crostini was delicious..
                I enjoyed ALL of the pork dishes, but the pork belly especially....again a light seasoning allowed all the 'porky goodness' to come through..I wasn't 'bowled over' only because I think even I could have accomplished this ..if I had good meat to work with....The curried corn was more of a corn cake, and this was very good .. the salads myriad ingredients were individually quite good, but the flavors did not form a 'happy marriage' for me....I enjoyed the nectarines and the almond cream....the peach sorbet tasted like slushy peach baby food!
                The service was very genial...and the company was terrific!

                1. re: ChowFun_derek

                  My favorite dish was definitely dessert! The poached nectarines, almond cream, and silken peach sorbet worked wonders together. I'd go to Canteen for that dessert alone.

                  My next two favorites were the seafood soup, which was a light version of the traditional soupe de poissons, and like Derek, the pork belly, with it's delicately crisp skin and light seasoning. I'm confess I didn't care for the porkloin--I like pork fat too much--and the ham-like flavor of this dish (I think it was brined) doesn't appeal to me, either. I actually have a suspicion that, despite the current popularity of pork, that this chef will do much better with his salmon dinner.

          2. How long do they keep a menu there?
            I know it's dated but do they retain items for a few days?

            I'm going on Fri. and I want just what you had!

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            1. re: MSK

              The menu for Week 105:
              Sweet Corn Soup with pork cracklings $7.50
              Sea Scallop Ceviche with cucumber, green tomato, coriander $12.50
              Summer Squash Salad with Aleppo pepper, basil, crescenza crouton $8.50
              Caramelized Quail with chard, pickled nectarines, saffron sauce $12.25

              #1 Porcini with pea puree $20
              White Bass roasted with brown butter, artichokes and savoy spinach $24
              Lamb Loin with muhammara, peppers salad, walnut vinaigrette $25.50
              Poulet Rouge with pearl barley, wax beans, sherry-bacon vinaingrette $23.50

              Raspberry Triffle $7
              Indian Pudding with blueberries, whipped cream $7
              Milk Chocolate Marquise with hazelnuts $7
              Vanilla souffle $8

              Have a delightful dinner at Canteen on Friday! Please post about it!

              1. re: Cynsa

                Well...I'm a bit confused....
                We were there on Fri. 6/29 and got Week 106.
                They said they change the menu on Tues.

                Ours was a bit different with some similarities....but I like your options better and was a little disappointed. I understand that that's one of the drawbacks of going to a location with a such a small menu so.........

                Everything was tastey, I just liked the options listed above and was excitedly looking forward tor them.

                The Prime Pork Rib was cooked perfectly and the sauce was great but the cut is a bit to fatty for my taste (I guess that's what you get with any Prime Rib).
                The Porcini entree was the best at the table
                The Choc. Crepes had a burnt flavor but the Peach desert was very refreshing.

                Even though I had posted some time back that I had hoped for a table, this time I missed the counter. I had not realized how much I enjoyed watching the kitchen on our first visit and how much it had shaped my impression of the place.

                l will be back!

            2. Oh God it's taste buds are still reeling!!
              We had nary a crumb or drop of liquid left on any of our plates!
              The textures, the flavors ...simple direct and perfectly balanced...this was the best pork I have ever had....(and I'll be sixty in a couple of months!).....this was full of flavor and and silkin mouth feel....wonderful...the service was terrific as well...efficient and very personal,,,

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