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Jun 27, 2007 07:40 AM

$-$$ Mexican sit-down in Manhattan

Looking for a fun new spot to take a friend for her birthday tonight. Hoping to find a fun, out of the way spot below 14th street that serves yummy guacamole and margaritas, some veggie options and isn't too pricey.

My current fave is Barrio Chino, but I'm hoping to find something new...


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  1. try florencia 13, laid back, excellent food and margaritas.

    1. I like Barrio Chino. Nice place. Other ideas:

      Mexicana Mama Centro on 12th btwn B'way and University - not exactly out of the way, but I like it

      Papatzul on Grand and West Broadway - a little pricier than Barrio Chino or Mexicana Mama, but good authentic mid-scale Mexican (not Tex Mex)

      Cafe El Portal on Elizabeth btwn Prince and Kenmare - definitely a little more out of the way, but affordable if not great. I dislike the margaritas.

      El Maguey Y la Tuna on Houston btwn Ridge and Attorney - good down home place, definitely a bit out of the way.

      I rarely venture West so don't have any recs West of W. Broadway.

      Good luck.

      1. Mexicana Mama is spendy for Mexican food. We're partial to La Palapa. The one on St Marks, not in the W Village. We go there like all the time...

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          I agree. Though I am fond of Mexixana Mama, it can get very pricey, not a cheep guacamole and chips place. I also love La Palapa (either location) though it is also not a naco-bar type place if that is what you are looking for. It is very good, fresh, Mexican food with great drinks.