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Jun 27, 2007 07:11 AM

Tuna steak- How to cook & what with?

I am just getting the hang of fish...dont like it much but trying to enjoy it as hubby like it

Normally grill tuna in my George Forman grill & its fine if i dont over cook it as it goes dry.

what is the best way to cook a tuna steak & what vegetables and sauce can i serve it with

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  1. For a sauce, try a fruit salsa: mango/strawberries/red onion/lime juice. Or try a Japanese style dipping sauce: Kikkoman makes several flavors: Memmi, Sushi/Sashimi, Tempura, they are all dashi based with some sweetness, and add some thin slices of green onion.

    If the fish is on the dry side, try grating a Japanese radish, Diakon, maybe add some shoyu (less than 1/2 t per serving), it is called orishi. Similar to horseradish with beef.

    For veggies, a local Japanese style restaurant serves: thick slices of: zuchini/japanese eggplant/new potatoes all grilled, seasoned with salt. The potatoes are probably par boiled.

    Regarding the best way to cook a tuna steak, there isn't one. Tuna deserves to be consumed raw. If you want cooked tuna, open a can. Seared tuna is a concept I don't get. Raw in the center, warmed on the outside, risking over cooking, why not just eat it raw? If I were to cook tuna scraps/trimmings, I would simmer it in teriyaki sauce and serve over steamed rice.

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      Thanks Alan

      will try the sauce and have some zuchini in the allotment


    2. I like seared tuna with almost any vegetable. This recipe is so incredibly easy and tasty:

      I've often changed out the vegetables for boy choy or otherwise, but it's always good.

      You could also serve seared tuna in a salad nicoise for a cool and easy summer-time dinner.

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        Ah decisions, decisions, ....this looks scrummy too!!

        which to choose

        thanks gini

      2. I really love tuna steak pan seared with a miso, ginger, and red wine sauce. This is the recipe that I originally used, but I know just play it by ear based on what I have:

        I really love to serve it with mashed potatoes and some type of green veggie.

        1. I use this marinade alot for grilled ahi. Qty is enough for 6 fillets, I make a much smaller version as we usually only make two small ones at a time.

          1 cup soy sauce
          1/2 c sesame oil
          1/2 c lime juice
          1/4 c mirin
          2 tbls grated fresh ginger
          2 medium cloves, minced
          2 tbls crushed red pepper flakes

          1. Personally I treat tuna steak just as I would beef steak.

            I like it cooked medium-rare... as, like you said, it likes to dry out. Unless you are unsure of the freshness of your tuna (and if thats the case, I couldnt eat it at all)... there is no reason to cook tuna all the way through! It just gets so dry.

            I also love poke.... raw tuna marinated in a spicy concoction.

            Alan gives some really good suggestions on sauces and veggies. I think it all depends on what style you go with for cooking... raw, I'd suggest cool veggies, like a cucumber or carrot salad. Or if you go Mediterranean, maybe eggplant and olives... terriyaki I'd go with sauteed bok choy or some other stir fried veg.