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Jun 27, 2007 06:53 AM

Upscale Marietta/Kennesaw dinner suggestion??

I'm taking my father our for a late Father's Day dinner and need a good dinner suggestion pronto (we're going tonight)! I've read about some places in Roswell but that's a bit too far for us. Here is the tricky part - there are 3 of us coming from several different directions: West Cobb, Windy Hill and Holly Springs. We need to go early (5:30) because we will have a 9 month old dining with us as well, so kid friendly is a must. He really loves Italian and/or some good all american classic cuisine. I'm from San Francisco, so I'm pretty picky myself. Any suggestions are much appreciated!!!

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  1. There is a place in East Cobb that I think is very good and would fit your needs. It is called Ritters.

    Considering where you are each coming from, you may want to consider The Old Mill in Acworth.

    Both are very family friendly, particularly at that time of day. I have been to both several times and they are both terrific.

    1. Where did you eat, and what did you think of your choice?