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Jun 27, 2007 06:53 AM

Upscale Marietta/Kennesaw dinner suggestion??

I'm taking my father our for a late Father's Day dinner and need a good dinner suggestion pronto (we're going tonight)! I've read about some places in Roswell but that's a bit too far for us. Here is the tricky part - there are 3 of us coming from several different directions: West Cobb, Windy Hill and Holly Springs. We need to go early (5:30) because we will have a 9 month old dining with us as well, so kid friendly is a must. He really loves Italian and/or some good all american classic cuisine. I'm from San Francisco, so I'm pretty picky myself. Any suggestions are much appreciated!!!

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  1. There is a place in East Cobb that I think is very good and would fit your needs. It is called Ritters. http://www.rittersrestaurant.net/

    Considering where you are each coming from, you may want to consider The Old Mill in Acworth. http://www.acwortholdmill.com/

    Both are very family friendly, particularly at that time of day. I have been to both several times and they are both terrific.

    1. Where did you eat, and what did you think of your choice?