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Mang Dedoy or other Filipino?

I'm planning on going to Mang Dedoy on Anderson Mill later today, and wanted to know if anyone has gone and what you guys thought about it. I also heard that you need to call ahead and order what you want to eat there. Is this true?

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  1. Please report back after your expedition. My gf is half-Filipino, and contrary to her wishes, I'd like to find some decent facsimile of Filipino fare so that I can work on some homemade pinoy.

    1. I have not eaten there, but here's an article from the Austin Chronicle about it:


      It appears that you can eat from the mini-buffet or you can order off a menu in advance.

      Please do write up a report after you try it. I've passed by this place a few times and have always been interested in giving Filipino food a real try (as opposed to my poor home rendition of lumpia and chicken adobo).

      1. Hi, I have been here a few times for food and it is absolutely delicious and authentic. The service is great too; very warm and friendly. I do recommend calling in at least an hour before to order food. They can make pretty much anything. Enjoy!

        1. they are pretty good... you can call ahead if you want to order something special that normally takes some time... simple stuff like stir fries and noodles they will probably just make it on the fly. they also have a number of dishes already made - so you just pick which ones you want to eat - they normally have the common filipino staples already made like adobo, pinakbet, etc... you won't get the selection like you would get in california - they have another place on parmer that is also a similar format... and i read there is some place near I-35 as well.

          1. Hello Mang Dedoy,

            The pancit I got was very good. Although I would have to give your service 2.5 stars only because I had to wait 5 mins for someone to finish using the phone so I can pay with my credit card. I would recommend having 2 phone lines, one for you credit card machine and one for business use. Also it was almost lunchtime when I went there and you only had 5 entrees, which was very limited.

            1. Mang Dedoy is not too far from my office, and I like to go there for a late lunch every now and then. They've mentioned to me more than once that they will prepare practically anything if it's called ahead, but I've been happy to order from the steam table. The pork adobe is extravagantly delicious, and the dinuguan is pretty good, too. I haven't been as impressed with the lechon, but I haven't eaten it when it was freshly prepared, either. The service is quite friendly.

              1. I ate here for dinner last night. I'd definitely recommend avoiding their steam table (combo) option if you go for dinner, since it will have been sitting there since lunch. Some of their stew-y options aren't bad after sitting out all day, but the noodles were dried out, and the rice seemed like it had been sitting a while, too. I'm reserving judgement until I have a chance to stop by for lunch.

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                1. Has anyone tried Kawali in Round Rock? Their web site looks pretty good, but I'm in South Austin and its a bit of a haul for me.


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                    I went last weekend. The lechon was too fatty. Frankly Ho Ho does a better roast pork. Kare-kare and veg coconut curry were fine. Nothing to write home about - still, RR should be happy for anything it can get.