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Jun 27, 2007 06:18 AM

Birmingham restaurants on Trolley Route??

Will be in downtown Birmingham at the Sheraton for a few days. Any restaurants on the trolley route that have decent food, casual dining, and not overpriced? I have no idea what area the trolley covers (Five Points??) but if not much, we'll maybe have to drive somewhere further. GF doesn't do Indian, BBQ or really spicy stuff--everything else a possibility. Any info appreciated. Thanx.

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  1. I have never taken the trolley so I don't know the route. If you tell us where the trolley stops are, maybe we can help.

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      I've never noticed the trolleys and I work downtown and now live close (well, over the last 1.5 months anyway). Am I reading this right in that the "trolleys" are DART busses?

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        The Dart trolleys are affiliated with the MAX bus service, but have very abbreviated routes & abbreviated run times. They usually start up about lunchtime. There's a north/south & an east/west. Fare is $.50 each way, but during bad ozone days, it's free.

    2. The North-South trolley route runs from downtown to Five Points South. For casual dining around the downtown area there's John's City Diner. Unfortunately, downtown kinda dies down after dark. The only truly great places to eat down there are more upscale. For casual dining in Southside, you have many more options. Try Surin West for Thai, Jim & Nick's 11th Ave. Grill for BBQ, Chez Fonfon for bistro (sister to the more formal and renown Highland's Bar & Grille), 26 (sister to the more formal restaurant Ocean), Mellow Mushroom for pizza & calzones (chain), Cosmo's for pizza (my pick, independent) and Golden Temple for vegan. Located somewhere mid-way on ther route, The Fish Market is good.
      Here's a good site to review some of the places
      For lunch, try the Terrace Cafe at the Musuem of Art. It's excellent. Also, Zoe's is good for healthy greek inspired food.

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        Glad to hear that it goes to Five Points south--that gives us a number of good options--Surin West is probably on that list--have been to the Fish Market before and it is one of my fave places--ditto Jim and Nicks--will have to scope out John's and Chez Fonfon this time or maybe the pizza place.. Thanx again for the reccs !