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Jun 27, 2007 06:00 AM

Good Eats in Yorkville

Spending the summer working in Toronto and see all kinds of restaurants everyday in my neighborhood alone. Not wanting to waste my per diem on a dud, so am looking for great recommendations in yorkville and the surrounding areas. Thanks!

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  1. Here's a recent thread:

    It wasn't mentioned on the thread, but there's a sushi place (Village Sushi?) on the north side of Cumberland which is OK. Cake Master for a taste of Toronto history.

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    1. re: hungry_pangolin

      i go to sushi inn on cumberland. they're great!

      1. re: excuse me miss

        Thank you, EMM. That was the sushi joint I was trying to recall. And my post was a unnecessarily tepid, on second reading... better than OK.

    2. What type of restaurants are you looking for? Every day eats or more upscale? There are so many great restaurants in Yorkville!

      1. Your post isn't very specific about what price range or what kind of food.... So here's some thoughts...
        I used to work in the area - it's been about a year but I like Cafe Nervosa's spaghetini with goat cheese & sun dried tomatoes. They also have decent salads and pizzas. But generally, I like going to Whole Foods grabbing some of their salads & some bread. Divine. You'll find lots of people at Sushi Inn - it's not spectacular but its okay. Yamoto's is more expensive and teppenakyi is just showy but its very pretty decent. Hemmingways and Remys are nothing special but good for afterwork drinks. Montreal Bread Co. is over rated. If you are willing to walk abit - i would head over to yonge street and explore the restaurants over there... I like Lettuce Eatery, Tokyo Kitchen on Charles, Wish, 7 West Cafe, Okinomi House (small, and very old & beware - you'll smell like food after, but the best okinomi outside of Japan)

        The creme de la creme: Pangea is a per diem buster but definitely worth it.

        I like Dessert Lady for an ice cream after and if I am feeling a little bit bad - I get some cookies to go... :)

        1. For a great lunch spot check out Jacques Bistro on the Parc, they do a fabulous omelet. Very french flair in both food and atmosphere. Not cheap, but the food is wonderful if you feel like a splurge at lunch time.