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Jun 27, 2007 05:28 AM

Peychaud bitters in Philly?

I hope I'm not off-topic for this board, but does anyone know where I can find Peychaud bitters in the Center City or Northwest area of Philadelphia? Thanks!

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  1. PhillyStyle:

    After turning CC and outlying areas including S. Jersey and Delaware inside out, I gave in to convenience and ordered them from the source. Delivery was quick, and my cocktails the better for it. (I'd suggest an order of the Regan's orange bitters as well. Great in martinis and manhattans)


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    1. re: somarjorie

      Must correct myself. Mea culpa.
      While Fee Brothers is a source for some fine bitters and other acoutrements, the Peychaud and Regans aren't among them.
      You can find the Peychaud's at the online shop at



      1. re: somarjorie

        Thanks, Marjorie, for saving me a lot of gas and heartache. Buffalo Trace came up in my original web search, but $10 for shipping seemed high. But, if that's the only way, I'll pay. It will be worth it for a real Sazerac!

        1. re: PhillyStyle

          I just ordered several bitters from and the shipping cost was under $6. When you get to the website just put bitters in the search field and you'll find quite a few available. They had the lowest shipping prices I could find and were very helpful about customer service on the phone when I called with a question.