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Jun 27, 2007 05:23 AM

Ueno Restaurants?

Hi...going to be in the Ueno area of Tokyo for two nights this weekend...any recs in the area?...any kind of Japanese cuisine...any price range...

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  1. Hey Simon, I wish I could recommend some place specific but Ueno is not really on my radar. Have you been to Ameyoko, the market area south of Ueno Station toward Okachimachi? It's the closest Tokyo gets to looking like the rest of Asia. Very interesting to explore and some funky outdoor stall type places. In general, I found Ueno to be a good place to explore for small izakaya options. also had some interesting places ranked highly. That all said, Ueno is a convenient launching pad to most parts of the city

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      hi Silverjay...turns out my hotel is actually in Nippori, north of Ueno...i've been here six hours and i've already eaten two dinners, both at randomly selected izakayas right by the JR station (i had to make up for 19 days of truly dismal food in Seoul)...the first izakaya meal was excellent: amuse bouche of several very fresh chunks of maguro sashimi in sweet miso paste, grilled eel liver, and a fine daikon salad w/ ume vinagrette...maguro kama and gesso kara age weren't as good, but coupled w/ two glasses of imo shochu it still beat anything i ate the whole time i was in Korea hands down...i'll try to get the name of the place tomorrow: not a destination place but it was definitely a cut above what i'd expected from a random selection and worth adding to the archives should any hounds happen to land by the Nippori JR...the other place (for a 1am second dinner) was woodsy second floor izakaya -- a three kinds of tuna sashimi chirashi bowl and a goya scramble plus two more shochus hit the that even in sleepy Nippori, there are several fine options open til the wee hours...Japan rocks...

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        Sounds like a divine evening. Nothing like izakaya hopping. Definitely check out Ameyoko if you get a chance. It's good even on weekend afternoons if anything, to at least stroll around. If you're going to be back in Japan anytime toward the end of the year, PM me.

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          Will do!..i'm almost certain to be there later this fall/winter...

          I returned to the first Nippori izakaya again for a midnight snack on Sunday and it didn't disappoint at all: superb sashimi and yakitori and highly accomadating kitchen (for example, the didn't serve the maguro w/ miso paste as the amuse bouche and it wasn't on the menu, but they happily made it for us on request)...for anyone who happens to be in Nippori, the same of the place is Kuishinbo Taisho. Also tried a great Honshu shochu there made from konnyaku...

          Another notable find from the same day: an Okinawan place in Shibuya called Bacchi Koi (no English sign, but underneath the kanji is says "slow food dining" in English): woodsy second floor joint w/ more charm than a lot of the izakayas in the area (feels like a rambling treehouse) menu w/ interesting sashimi options, goya scramble, as well as some Okinawan traditional stuff like pigs ear salad, mentaiko spring rolls, etc...

    2. Two places that come to mind around Okachimachi are Usagiya for dorayaki and Honke Ponta for tonkatsu.
      Honke Ponta: