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Jun 27, 2007 05:20 AM

Where to buy unroasted bulk nuts, sunflower seeds, etc.?

I'm making many, many batches of granola and am having trouble figuring out where to get things like unroasted sunflower seeds, unroasted nuts, pumpkin seeds, etc - especially without paying a fortune. Costco provided the 18 pounds of oats I needed! But where to go for the rest? Happy to drive - starting from Jackson Heights, so Queens is easiest, but I'll venture further afield if it makes sense. Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. For some of the basics -- raw almonds, cashews, walnuts and the like -- the big Indian groceries right there in JH on 37th Ave in the low 70s sell 4-lb. bags at pretty good prices. Not sure what they've got in the way of raw seeds. Maybe pumpkin? They also have some dried fruit at pretty good prices. Maybe if you speak to a manager you can get a break on bigger quantities. Once you factor in tolls, parking, etc. it might be savings enough.

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      Thanks- I would have thought so - looked in Patel and didn't see them - was going to check out Sabzi Mandi (sp?) next.

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        Just wanted to add that Apna Bazaar had most everything I needed. Between that, Costco, Kalustyan's, the super market, and honey and maple syrup from the greenmarket, I was able to pull off the 15 batches or so of granola I needed.

    2. Its in Brooklyn but I'd call Sahadi's. Since you are talking about -serious- poundage there, give them a call to do a large order for you.

      1. I buy nuts both at Costco and JH - Costco prices are better and quality-wise no one beats them. The only stuff you can get cheap in JH in bulk is pistachios. I'm not sure about seeds though. I don't put seeds in granola especially when making big patches - seeds run rancid pretty quickly.

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          Kalustyan's in Curry Hill is a great place to buy in bulk. If you need really large quantities, you can place special orders. You might also want to try Fairway in Red Hook or Harlem. However, I'm not sure that they will have the larger quantities.