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Jun 27, 2007 04:34 AM

Market Recs for Wilmington/Carolina Beach

Hi, Wilmington Hounds. I'm coming to Carolina Beach for a week and looking for some good chow. I've been a few times before, and have kept an eye on this board, so I have a decent sense of the restaurant scene. However, I would also like to do some of my own cooking and could use some recommendations on good places to get good ingredients, especially fresh produce and fish. Can you recommend any farmers markets, good supermarkets (better at least than the rather dreary Food Lion on Carolina Beach), or other places? Proximity to Carolina Beach is a plus, but I'm willing to do some driving to get the good stuff.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Meorav, on Saturday mornings from 9:00 until noon, there's a fresh farmer's market down on Water Street in downtown Wilmington. Lots of good fresh stuff there. As for fresh fish, I don't know Carolina Beach as well, but there's Mott's Seafood in Wilmington and Greenville Loop Seafood. We've also had a Fresh Market open recently at Mayfaire in Wilmington and it is very nice - worth the drive, I think. They've got absolutely gorgeous meat and produce and fish - we've had great luck with everything we've gotten there.

    1. There is a great fish market in Carolina Beach. It is off of Lake Park Boulevard just west of the channel. It is _______ Brothers I believe. You can also get a lot of fresh shrimp and crabs along Carolina Beach Road on the way into Wilmington.

      1. Thanks for the responses so far. While I'm asking - any good places for bread or cheese?

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          Again, sorry but I'm more familiar with Wilmington - STone Ground Bakery downtown on the corner of 2nd and Princess (I think it's Princess) has great bread. Again, for cheese, I'll point you to Fresh Market. They have a really nice variety of high quality cheese. Their baguette is pretty good, too.

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            I believe Stone Ground is gone. The new (unopened place) has Cupcake in the title.

        2. There is a new Harris Teeter on Carolina Beach Road ( it opened this year) that has very good fresh baked bread and a fair selection of quality cheeses

          1. I think the seafood market in Carolina Beach is Blackburn Brothers. There are a couple of other small seafood places/vegetable stands that dot the highway as you drive into the beach. But I agree with Kurt, the Harris Teeter is very nice and would probably have everything you need under one roof. The cheese selection is excellent.