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sonoma restaurant choices...need to confirm

I decided to book a last minute trip to Sonoma with my SO for 4th of July. we will be there Sun eve thru Wed...July1-4. My husband wants italian 1st night so I picked
Della Santina and Meritage. Which is better?

I also want to try El Dorado Kitchen 1 night because it sounds like a fun, hip place> I have read it is comparable to a Miami Beach scene. We were just in Miami last month and had a great time. I think this night will also be a drinking night as I have heard they have good drinks and a fun bar scene. I also read the girl and fig is good...would it be better to go to EDK for drinks and G&F for dinner?

I still need 1 more place...maybe a good tasting menu. We dont mind driving, but dont want to go to Napa Valley.

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  1. General's Daughter. 'Nuff said. Talk to Chef Dishman - he'll do a tasting menu with pairings.

    1. on a side thing to do you might want to check out the The Kitchenette- inside the El Dorado Hotel, El Dorado Kitchen pastry chef Octavio Alcantar is running this new cafe.

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        So Generals Daughter for a tasting menu. What about italian night and should we go to EDK for lunch or dinner?

      2. hmmm...I think I'd recommend The Girl & The Fig for lunch; they do tasting menu w/wine flights. I enjoyed Della Santina; but since I've not yet been to Meritage, I can't compare. You'll enjoy good solid Italian @ DS.

        1. One of my favorite meals was at Della Santina. I live in San Francisco and have chowed my way through the city, but the meal I had at Della Santina was fabulous and very reasonable. The place wasn't hyped up, but the service, food, and owner were amazing. My husband and I are planning another trip to Sonoma soon just to eat there. I know the other places are supposed to be amazing, but this was about as good as it gets.

          1. I can NOT recommend Della Santina. I always found the food to be mediocre at best. Duce is another place you could try.

            1. If you don' mind a little CA flare with your Italian, you should deffinitely go to Zazu.

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                OK...I have dinner reservations for 3 nights at generals daughter, della santina, and el dorado kitchen. I have narrowed my winery choices to 4 Zin centric places near our hotel...Ravenswood, Kunde, St. Francis, and BR Cohn in the Sonoma Valley. If you have other non-dry creek area Zin centric wineries...I would love to hear about them.

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                  Rosenblum is Healdsburg is Zin-centric and very good.

                  Hartford in the RRV

                  Carlisle in RRV (need appt)

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                    For Sonoma, you might try:

                    * El Dorado Kitchen for drinks. Hip scene, fun. Food is standard, however. A bit disappointing.

                    * The Girl and the Fig is great for lunch. Try outback on the patio. Very relaxed.

                    * For dinner, a local favorite is Cafe La Haye. The kitchen is very small -- almost like eating at a friend's home. Intimate and informal. However, the ingredients are top notch. The pork loin (echoes of Alsatian style) is fabulous and the risottos very nice. Entrees are about $18 -- a bargain just off the plaza. Very popular repeat business place for the locals.

                    * I've also heard that Harvest Moon (on the Plaza) is very good for dinner. Haven't been there yet myself.

                    * I think Meritage is not that great. More of a downhome place for locals -- lively, fun but very mediocre food.

                    * For wine tours, my more knowldgeable friends highly recommend an appointment at Hanzell in Sonoma. Very high end chardonnays and pinots. Small, meticulous top of the line producer. No mob scene here. Just a very personal tour and top end tasting.

                    Have fun.

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                      Concur on Hanzell. Disclaimer: I know Jean Arnold Sessions and a great deal of Hanzell's success is due to her infectious charm. The wine is great too.

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                        I'm in Sonoma right now, and just had dinner at the El Dorado. It was quite good, great service, beautiful room. The halibut was perfectly fresh and perfectly cooked, and the house french fries with parmesan and truffle oil were superb. My wife's pasta with chanterelles was equally good.

                        Last night we had a nice dinner at Della Santina. GREAT al fresco experience, and the pasta with porcini mushrooms showed a deft hand with sauce.