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Jun 27, 2007 01:34 AM

2 nights in DF???Here's my itinerary??

Through a travel provider we have a glimpse of Mexico City for a mere 2 nights!!!I'm thinking Izote on saturday night and Aguila Y Sol on Sunday. Our days will be taken up by the rivera murals on sabado and anthro museum domingo. I know people will say Senora Quintana is being surpassed but you hav eto eat at Chez Panisse before you can discern the food of the underlins yes/no???I'd appreciate any ideas you may have!!!

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  1. I greatly preferred Izote to Aguila y Sol and every other alta cocina restaurant I tried in DF and Mexico, as did my wife. See here:

    1. I agree with extramsg, I think you'll be happy with both of those. The alta cocina restaurants are almost all a delicious choice with which you can't go wrong.

      1. Neither Aguila y Sol nor Izote are open on Sunday night. In fact, no higher end restaurants open beyond lunch on you better plan for comida, i.e. 2 or 3 PM.
        I also recommend El Bajio - the new branch in Polanco (Alejandro Dumas 7, tel. 5281 8245) stays open later. The food is traditional and excellent.

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          Lunch at El Bajio on Ave, Cuitlahuac, go around 1.30 fefore they run out of things!!!

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            There's a new El Bajio in Polanco, which is open at night...the food seems just as good, although the atmosphere is a little more "Polanco-y"...

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              I had breakfast there last Monday morning. Very good and since I have an ever growing collection of the style of needlework used as decoration, I like it ;-D. It is very much designed to fit into the Polanco neighborhood; I liked the feel of the restaurant over all, and of course, the food was really very good. The huevos al Bajio were quite delicious.

        2. Remember that no fancy restaurants are open on Sunday evenings. You will have to have comida at Aguila & Sol if you want to go on Sunday. And do make a reservation, as Sunday comida is high time, whereas Saturday supper is not a "thing" in Mexico, so you shouldn't have any trouble.

          1. I just returned a few hours ago from 8 days in Mexico. I had dinner at Aguilar y Sol last night (Saturday), it was stunning. Had dinner at Izote on Friday night, and while it was good it was also uneven. The escamoles at Izote were fabulous, if not slightly out of season. The trio of ceviches at Aguilar y Sol were spectacular, as were the lomo de tuna and sea bass special. This house really knows what to do with fish and does it exceptionally well.

            Whichever place you end up, don't skip dessert. It was the strongest course at Izote and the perfect ending to an excellent meal at Aguilar y Sol. Izote is more casual than Aguilar y Sol and primarily a businessman's comida destination, more than a dinner spot. Aguilar y Sol is a sexy, sophisticated space now located above the Louis Vuitton store in Polanco, accessibly only by wood paneled elevator.

            Service at both locations was very good, as is to be expected in el D.F. at restaurants of this caliber.