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Jun 27, 2007 12:18 AM

old sasabune space

Can anyone tell me what has it become? Looks like it's been redone. Any review of the food?

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  1. According to a friend of mine It has be redone by the folks at the California Sushi Academy though it will be professionally run. There will be a sushi bar area a small plates area and something else which escapes me at the moment.

    Take care

    - P.

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    1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

      It was going to be called Bar Hama, but they changed the name. Toshi, the original owner of Hama Sushi, is the chef. Does anyone know if it's open yet?

      1. re: cupcake

        Hi, cupcake!

        Bar Hayama
        1803 Sawtelle
        Los Angeles

        They are currently open only for dinner, every night from 6:00 on. They stop serving at different times during the evening, depending on the night. Their grand opening is July 7, and after that date they are considering opening for lunch.

        While they are settling into their new space, I would suggest calling ahead to check their hours.

        1. re: liu

          Hi LIU!!
          Have you been there yet? If so, please elaborate. Thanks!! : )

          1. re: cupcake

            No, I have not been there yet...but it is certainly on my list.
            Are you planning to go soon?

            Generally, when a new sushi bar opens, I like to try it for lunch. That way, it's not such a huge commitment; I am pretty traditional in my sushi tastes. I am generally satisfied with a small-ish lunch and that is a good meal to explore a new sushi place. I am thinking I will wait for a few weeks until well after their Grand Opening (I wonder if they will do anything special...).

            If you beat me there, please do give us YOUR report.

            BTW - Nice bumping into you here!

          2. re: liu

            If you search for Bar Hama in Los Angeles on Google, up pops a Web page for Bar Hayama...with an address on Sawtelle, not on Nebraska. But the address looks to be in the right spot to be the old Sasabune, and the About page lists Toshi - so this must be the place, right?:


            1. re: igj

              igj - I believe you are correct about the name and address. The other information that I posted above for their days/hours/phone number is correct, I believe. So:

              Bar Hayama
              1803 Sawtelle

              Isn't their cross street Nebraska???

              Does this seem correct now? Thanks for noting this.

              1. re: liu

                Just walked past them last night. The patio looked full and the valet guy seemed to have a decent amount of keys.

                It is right at the corner of Nebraska and Sawtelle. The way its built, there's a high fence all around it and you can't see in. Only a small nameplate by the fence door facing Nebraska. Which also seems like the only entrance.

                Its very easy to walk past and not realize there is a restuarant there. It looks more like a house that just has a dark fence and walls painted green.

                1. re: Jase

                  As I remember, Sasabune also blended well into the neighborhood, with no loud restaurant markings.

                  1. re: liu

                    Funny thing is, I have known about this new place for over a year, but even as of this past weekend I have NOT been able to find it while driving down Sawtelle. I thought I was going nuts!!

                    1. re: cupcake

                      Hundreds of years ago when Nobi -- of Sasabune -- first moved to Sawtelle from Edo in Woodland Hills (I was a loyal customer at the time -- there wasn't much other good sushi around), he kept telling me about his new place. I kept searching, and I could not find it!

                      Thanks for Jase's post above, we now know to look for the fence.

                      1. re: liu

                        Yeah - the place is literally the corner property at the intersection of Sawtelle and Nebraska; the southwest corner. The new fence is more improsing than the sort of half wall that Sasabune had, so it is now much easier to miss than it was before.

                        1. re: igj

                          lots of words but no one is taking the plunge to get the ball in motion, including yours truly

                          1. re: epop

                            and yours truly... but I did pop my head in to look around last night. The outdoor area has a massive firepit with a lounge-y style table all around it. The room on the right has a sushi bar and the left room is a seating area. Pretty redesign of what had been a fairly ugly space.

                            1. re: igj

                              Thanks for checking it out for all of us to "see!"
                              When we eat dinner at one of the ten thousand restaurants on Sawtelle, I usually park down that way, nearish the old Sasabune space. So, next time, I, too, will take a look -- and maybe stay for dinner if I am drawn in.

                              1. re: igj

                                yes, i popped in too. with zo, kiriko, mori, hiko out there i need an opinion before i take the plunge, i guess

        2. Short but good write up in LAT Daily Dish blog dated 7/13.

          1. I went to Hayama last night with a friend who had been there before. We reserved spots outside by the fire pit. The restaurant is very nicely redone, and it feels very Japanese and not fake or pretentious. It reminded me of Izakaya places in Japan.

            The food was very good, although we only had a few dishes and drank beer and sake (they have great sake flights). We had the crab cakes, the tempura vegetables and shrimp, the miso soup and a few pieces of sushi. The tempura was excellent, as were the crab cakes. The sushi was fresh and well cut, although not memorable. The miso soup was exceptional.

            I would return here in a few weeks, to give them a chance to straighten out the service issues.

            I recommend it, most of all for the atmosphere and the sake flights.

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              1. re: cupcake

                I stopped in for a beer while waiting on a friend. It has been re-done beautifully. Limited beer offerings -- why don't more places get beer brewed in Japan instead of Canada?
                Menu looked quite varied (fried frogs legs) and interesting. Not inexpensive by any means. But I did not eat.

                1. re: cupcake

                  I did not pay, but I think the bill for a few small dishes, three flights of sake, three beers and two bottles of water was about $150.