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Jun 26, 2007 11:40 PM

Juneau & Skagway

Anybody got any ideas for large party of savvy diners eating out in Alaska in a couple of weeks???I know the cruise ships have wrecked expectations here, but maybe there's someone doing something spectacular with all that fresh AK seafood???Is the summit restaurant still open in Juneau how about the sushi bar ub Skagway???Please HELP????

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  1. The sushi bar I saw in Skagway when I was there recently was small and casual- not where I'd bring a lage party.

    1. In Juneau, try the Twisted Fish or Hangar on the Wharf. IOf course all the hotels do seafood and everything is in season now. I'd try the Baranof or the Prospector. There are several sushi options but for a larger group, I'd go to the sushi bar at the Canton House. Its been way too long since I ate in Skagway to give you any really good recommendations there.

      Hope you have a good time.

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        Is the Summit Restaurant still around? Someone said they thought it was a souvenir shop now?

        1. re: Big Cicada

          Alas, the Summit is no longer. I recall a day when my friend managed it and my husband waited tables just because he liked doing that. Ah, the meals we had!

      2. I just wrote a long answer to a similar question on one of the other Juneau threads. Also, There's a place called the Thane Oar House that seems touristy at first but they have the best Halibut and chips in town and it's actually a fun place, horseshoes out back, great for groups. It's out of town a couple miles but pile in a van cab- it's worth it!