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Jun 26, 2007 11:28 PM

LA Contrasts: Abode then Kike's Tacos

Met a friend for cocktails/snacks in Abode's lounge in Santa Monica on Tuesday night. Two of the three sandwiches on the "three sandwich sampler" plate were fantastic--I loved the jamon serrano with cheese and egg on sweet walnut bread as well as the hot, juicy merguez and carmelized onions on a small roll. The caprese sandwich? Eh, nothing special. A whopping $16 total. The rest of the bar menu included a steak frites, burger, cheese plate, as well as some foie gras, among other items. None below the $14ish range.

The cocktai menu reads like a list of health drinks or yoga class titles. I enjoyed the Spanish Rosemary, with rosemary infused gin, lemons and cranberry juice. Again, pricey at the $13-14 range (can't remember which). The spaci is quite pleasant, and the outdoor patio would be nice on a warmer night, so if you order carefully, it might be worth a stop.

On the way home I was still a bit peckish so I pulled into Kike's Tacos for the first time at 2nd/Beaudry. I don't know if you can call this a proper taco "stand" or just a fly-by-night grill, but whatever it is, the choriso tacos more than satisfy. Deeply porky, but not too greasy as the helpful 20-something guys surrounding the place pointed out. They come HOT off the grill and you can dress them yourself with blistering green or red salsa, chopped cilantro, lime, onions and/or radishes. $1 a pop, and if you order them for "here" they come served in a reusable plastic basket--how's that for sustainable (Abode's all about eco-chick enviromental sustainability).

Photos here:

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  1. Kike's rocks! I like the throat tacos.

    Oh, and in case it's not obvious, it is pronounced Key-Kay's.

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      Ah, I was wondering about the pronunciation...I will admit I was a little uncomfortable typing that....

    2. everything is pretty good at kike's but they make the tastiest pastor. look for the fresh grilled onions - they're usually kept on the side of the grill - they may look slimy, but they're good. i've been told that the baked beans are good too (in the thermos).

      they're open every evening, except Thursdays, from 7ish until business slows (often there after midnight).