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Nov 26, 2005 09:09 PM

The Cliff House

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I am almost afraid to mention this to so many foodies, but I have eaten at the Cliff House 3 times in the last month. The food is excellent! Cannot beat the view, of course. Ate downstairs in the more formal dining room (and more expensive) two times and once upstairs. No reservations taken upstairs, however. The food and service were very good for a touristy place. Only weak point was downstairs when I had the crab/lobster cakes. Pretty bland. Soups are fabulous! Try the prawn cocktail downstairs. Really superb and beautiful to see. Upstairs by the way, for brunch, they bring a basket of hot popovers.

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  1. Actually, thanks for the report. It is nice to hear a good report about the Cliff House. I ate there when it re-opened last year and it really had some problems.

    The food wasn't horrible (except the Thanksgiving buffet). It was just that there were better restuarants in SF that were less expensive.

    I thought upstairs was better than down and the popovers were still great. What else did you have to eat?

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      I made popovers as a teen, and was surprised and delighted during a Cliff House visit several years ago when breakfast included a basket of the treats in the upstairs room. I've only found these at the Cliff House, by the way. My family's former restaurant, Topper's, in Taft, CA, was famous for serving a basket of freshly baked cinnamon rolls - with dinners!

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        Popovers are served with every meal at the Neiman Marcus rotunda. Great for a holiday shopping lunch in Union Square.

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          Hey, thanks for the tip!