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Jun 26, 2007 10:49 PM

Edible flowers? Where and what...??

I know that lavender, pansies, and orchids can be edible, but what other flowers are non-poisonous (and beautiful, or just interesting looking)?? And where can they be purchased, online preferable or at least a store that will ship overnight.


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  1. You can get Australian native hibiscus in syrup from

    Obviouslt no overnight shipping.. but they are AMAZING!!!

    You drop them in a glass of champagne and the bubbles make the petals open and titn the champers an amazing deep pink.

    They are VERY sweet, tho, so I drain most of the syrup off.

    And when you get to the bottle of the glass, you can eat them!!!

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      Wow...that website is a gem. Thanks for the rec!!

    2. Gee, find my "Send me dead Flowers" post. I am a regular "agua de jamaica " fan of the wonderful, colorful, piquant hibiscus beverage, with lots of help from C'hounds!

      1. We went to a place in France that preserves all kinds of fruits and flowers (Florian's outside Grasse) but the stars are rose petals and violets. You can put either in champagne or white wine- they create a stream of bubbles. Or you can put them on cakes, etc.

        1. Squash blossoms are edible and, I think, one of the most readily available edible flowers. In the US at least. Here is a nice recipe:

          1. I have been able to find wonderful little packages of edible flowers at Whole Foods Markets in the produce section,usually near the bunch herbs (rosemary, sage, thyme, etc), hanging just above them, in little packages, and I think they may be from Melissa's organic produce or something.
            If you have a local farmer's market, ask soemone who sells greens and lettuces and they may be able to direct you to someone who grows them or can suggest a good place that will have food quality seeds.
            I love using flowers in salads, as accents, and just to nibble on with fresh fruit..the fun thing about them is that they actually taste like the color they
            You can also grow some yourself.
            Have fun and enjoy!