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Wine tasting

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Looking for a good wine bar in LA/Hollywood or a good place for a couple of friends to enjoy a couple glasses of wine by the glass and some good eats to compliment the wine. Enjoyed Bottle Rock in Culver City a couple weeks ago and would like to try a place in LA/WeHo/Hollywood.

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  1. A.O.C, also the place inside the farmers market has gotten great reviews

    1. AOC really can't be matched for the selection of top flight stuff by the glass. Plus you get some pretty nice small plates pub grub and people watching as a bonus. Kinda loud and busy but it fits the place.

      Winehouse on the westside opened a restaurant upstairs (Upstairs2). I hear you can buy a bottle downstairs and carry it up. I haven't been but worth checking out. The selection would be great.

      750 Wine Bar in South Pasedena just had a pretty good write up in the Times also.

      1. Not Hollywood but if you venture a wee farther east to Los Feliz there's Vinoteca Farfalla. Nice cozy space, lots of wines by the glass and interesting Brazilian-Italian tapas.


        1. Lou on Vine just north of Melrose. www.louonvine.com
          There's also BIN 8945 in West Hollywood www.bin8945.com

          1. i had some good food and tasty south american reds from tasca on 3rd just down from aoc. dark cozy romantic vibe. owner is argentinean and another real character of a waiter.

            1. Upstairs 2 at the Wine House. Very nice selections by the glass, and you can choose the pour size. The food there (small plates) is very good. You can opt to buy a bottle downstairs and show proof that you did, ie receipt, and there'll be no corkage.

              And as mentioned, AOC. Excellent food. If I recall correctly, the wine selection was a bit limited.

              edit: Vinum Populi in Culver City has a system where you can try one-ounce pours of a number of different wines. you purchase a debit card, you can choose whatever amount to put on the card, then use the card to select the wines you'd like dispensed into your glass. The food's alright.

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                Excellent. I can't to try all of these now. Thank you!

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                  How are the wines in terms of quality, price, etc?

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                    I thought Upstairs 2 had a very nice wine selection on their menu, and why wouldn't they, they have all those bottles downstairs. I was actually a little surprised at how well priced the pours were.
                    For AOC, I don't have a good memory of the small wine list.
                    For Vinum Populi, I didn't think it was a good value at all. It's an interesting concept, but at the end of the night you could have gotten nice pours of a few good wines for the same price, instead of little drips of tastings. Plus for the expensive bottles, I thought the charge per 1 oz was a bit much.