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Jun 26, 2007 10:02 PM

Salem, OR Recommendations and Reviews?

I've lived in Salem since November, and am still looking for great food around here. I've been exploring quite a bit, here are some of the places I've tried:

Thai Beer: decent, can be hit or miss, excellent Tom Kha Gai soup
Siam: quite good, better than Thai Beer
LanXang: if you can get past the neon yellow walls, it's really tasty Thai/Laotian
Wild Pear: Probably my favorite restaurant so far. Excellent food. Downtown has fantastic lunch, River Rd has very good dinners, homemade deserts, and a nice atmosphere
Morton's: I wasn't very impressed. it was good, not great.
Old Europe Inn: I was looking forward to trying it, but it was overly salty. Atmosphere was nice, and I want to go back for a 2nd try
Amadeaus Cafe: Quite good. Odd location, great food
Apizza (Stayton): Amazing. Beyond words spectacular pizza. Really wonderful
Jr's: Fantastic tortillas, everything is very homemade. Tastes like mexican street food. Great!
Capitol Dog: interesting Russian/Ukranian food

Places I want to try:
J James
Wooden Nickel (Silverton)

What else? What else is worth trying? Where can I find more authentic mexican food? what about GOOD chinese food? I wasn't impressed with Kwans. What about seafood? Lunch places? Sushi?

Help a new Salem-ite out!

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  1. You have already found many of the places I would recommend here in Salem. I also still have not found good Chinese here -- although it must exist. I have not done much searching outside of Kwan's (and I agree with your assessment). For authentic Mexican, there is a Mexican grocery store in north Salem that also serves really great food from a counter. It's called Salvador's. It also has a good bakery and a butcher/cheese department. I also like the following: Court Street Dairy lunch for a greasy burger-type lunch; Busick Court for breakfast; and Christo's for pizza.

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      Tong King on 12th (off Mission) is okay Chinese. Where is Jrs? Thanks for posting! DaVinci is really good, plus they have a new summer menu which is suppose to be great. I

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        Jrs... dang, I'm bad at streets in salem, they all seem to join and then split again! Google says (yay for google) it's on Fairgrounds Rd. just a little hole in the wall. Good food.

        I'll check out Tong King.

        I went to dinner again at Wild Pear tonight. Really good food. I think it's my favorite place in town for sure. The River Rd location is a really nice atmosphere, friendly (but sloooooow service) and great food.

    2. Hi,
      You have a great start to the decent places in Salem, in my estimation. I'd like to add a few more. Rudy's at the Salem Golf Course on River Road South (on your way to Wild Pear) is very good for steaks and some fish items. They have great burgers and fish and chips for lunch as well as a delicious apple and Gorgonzola salad. There is an excellent Vietnamese restaurant on Silverton Road and Lansing. It is called Kim Houng. Whites on Commercial has good breakfasts and lunches. I second the vote for Busick Court for breakfast and lunch. A wonderful Thai place called Lanxang is on Commercial past Kubler in back of the McDonald's and next to the Dollar Store. Good pizza (besides Christos) is Paddingtons on Commercial or Wallery's in West Salem.

      Salem isn't great for restaurants, but it is getting better. Let's keep in touch so we can continue to share our "finds"!