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Jun 26, 2007 10:02 PM

Best Pizza in YVR?

Looking for suggestions for most "authentic" / "best" pizza in Vancouver....way back (10+ years) Incendio in Gastown used to make good it still the case?

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  1. I am replying so I can track this one because I have yet to find the best za in the lower mainland unless it is coming out of my kitchen.
    There lies the dilemma when I feel like pizza I do not feel like making it.
    lately I have been into a thin crust wood fired type.

    1. incendio is it - i haven't had anything any better.

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      1. re: pants

        Where is Columbia street in Van?

        1. re: lexnrena

          gastown - incendio is columbia and alexander (alexander turns into water st)

      2. The last time I was at Cardero's in coal harbour they made a pretty tasty personal size pizza

        1. Rocky mtn fltbread co has good pizza for thin crust

          1. I like Amadeus, just off Granville Island. Nothing fancy, but nice thin crust.