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Jun 26, 2007 09:52 PM

Nook or Beechwood ?

Celebrating a friend's birthday tomorrow night around Venice.

Also, any recommendations for specific entrees?

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  1. Nook.

    Get the hanger steak, calamari, smashed potatoes, short ribs.

    1. I like Nook a lot, solid food at reasonable prices. I like the chicken paillard, short ribs, and mac & cheese the best. Also the rib-eye with crispy onions over sauteed apples is good but has been a little inconsistent on the most recent visit.

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      1. re: Ernie

        Thanks for the suggestions.

        How's the ambiance at Nook?

        1. re: adevejian

          The space is very nice because it's relatively new. Minimalist, sleek, you know the drill.

          It is a noisy, slightly crowded restaurant, in case that is a consideration. But Beechwood is much louder if you go on a weekend ! Beechwood is noisy because of the pounding music and club atmosphere. Nook is noisy just from the bustle of normal restaurant noise.

          1. re: Pei

            Beechwood definitely does not have pounding music. It's ambient music - Zero 7 and the like.

            For a birthday, Beechwood is more fun (especially on the patio).

            1. re: yogachik

              I agree, no pounding music and isn't particularly clubby either. More of a busy bar/lounge scene.

              1. re: hrhboo

                Wow, I must be imagining things. I went on an extremely crowded night and all I can remember is loving the food but having to scream at my friends.

      2. Nook for food Beechwood for drinks.

        1. Beechwood is more celebratory, and I've been there on a Wednesday night around 7-8pm and it was not very crowded at all or loud at that point. From my experience, it just gets crazy on weekends.

          Nook is great, and I love the short ribs so much, but it isn't really a particularly fun/celebratory kind of place. Great place, just not really a special occasion or a party atmosphere.

          If it's just you and your friend, Nook would probably be fine. If it's a larger group, I'd go with Beechwood - and get the lamb meatballs and the french fries or sweet potato fries with dipping sauces.

          1. Beechwood is way more fun than Nook, and has more atmosphere.

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            1. re: hrhboo

              I would personally opt for food over ambiance, but seeing as though we are a group of ten for a birthday dinner... the ambiance could make or break the evening.

              1. re: adevejian

                The food at Beechwood is definitely good so it's not like you'd be sacrificing anything by opting for that over Nook. Basically another vote for Beechwood because I think it's much more of a celebratory place and I think it will be easier for them to accomodate 10.

                1. re: mollyomormon

                  I haven't been to Beechwood, but agree that Nook may have trouble accommodating a group that size.

                  1. re: a_and_w

                    Yes, good point. 10 people might be too big for Nook, unless they would be willing to reserve the communal table or put several of the 2-tops together.