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Jun 26, 2007 09:47 PM

Citrine - Redwood City

Anyone been by Citrine in Redwood City? I heard owned/started by Safeway as a way to booster their retail efforts and this is the beta restaurant, stand alone, been open for 3 weeks, soft open, no advert/PR. I guess I'm curious more then anything. (BTW, doesn't the name infer something hip or cool?)

Here's their site: http://redwoodcity4801.citrinebistro....

Here's something from Supermarket News;

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  1. Had take-out dinner there last week. They are still finding their stride. Had a somewhat diverse order - sandwiches, salads and pasta. The kitchen's timing was off. Everything was bagged and ready to go - but I had to wait awhile while they finished the pasta. The good news is that the food was actually pretty tasty. Particularly the Cuban sandwich. The other bit of good news was that it was very affordable. We liked it enough that we are considering heading back there tonight.

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      Thanks for the report. It did fill in some of my curiosity. Really interesting they're serving a Cuban sandwich...maybe they did some market research and found no-competition here.

      So how would you rate it in food chain of chains...say Boston Market and Pluto's?

    2. Interesting concept.
      I really do not like the website. Weird cafeteria feel to it.
      Decent choices on the menu though.
      What does the restaurant look like inside?

      1. I went there yesterday with the BF and it was just okay. Perhaps we didn't order the right thing. I liked the decor of the restaurant and will try to post pictures later tonight that I took (loved that there was a handle on the table so I could hang my purse!).

        I had thai lemongrass soup which was oily, and had way too many carrots that were too big for the soup. the chicken was pretty sparse.

        i also had the asian chicken salad - the peanut-ginger dressing was a tad overpowering. the menu said asian vegetables but I found maybe one or two slices of a red bell pepper - everything else was greens and peanuts.

        The BF's margherita pizza that claims had a "savory" tomato sauce was spicy. Very spicy. Since the BF doesn't care much for spicy, he didn't care much for the pizza.

        Otherwise the restaurant was clean, the bathrooms were clean, the service was okay for the concept. If I go back, I'll have to try something else.

        1. I just ate dinner there earlier tonight with a couple of friends. They picked it, not knowing it was owned by Safeway, and when I walked in and saw the references to "O" organic pasta and "Ranchers Reserve" meat, I realized what was going on.

          Happily, the food and atmosphere were significantly better than expected. The interior was rather bright but cozy, like an upscale cafeteria. My bf ordered the Thai lemongrass soup, which looked like a curry soup with a few chunks of carrot and chicken. It was not as creamy as it seemed, and had a strong lemongrass component, but was still very tasty. We were surprised at the assertive spicing in the soup -- we love spicy food, and this was definitely not for the masses. We would order this again, gladly. Our friend ordered a creamy carrot ginger soup which was fresh-tasting and interesting, but not as delicious as the Thai soup.

          For mains our friend ordered the Cuban sandwich -- it was on the wrong type of bread, but had a lovely smoky flavor. It came with a fresh side salad. BF ordered the Jamaican shrimp, which surprisingly came with a large amount of penne pasta (which wasn't mentioned in the description). The penne was slightly past al dente, just the way he likes it. The saucing was bold and flavorful, and it was generously topped with fresh basil. Everyone agreed that the big disappointment of the night was my Carribean slow cooked pork, which was dry and boring, though it came with a delectable flatbread. It was the only item that we wouldn't order again.

          Prices are quite reasonable, though the menu was a bit hard to read. We would go again when we'd want something quick and casual.

          Citrine Bistro
          885 Middlefield Rd, Redwood City, CA 94063