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Jun 26, 2007 09:41 PM

Thai tea seller in Baltimore area

I wanted to make Thai Iced tea myself. I found a post on CH describing what kind of tea to buy here:

I was unable to find any tea from Thailand at the local H-Mart (Han Ah Reum in Catonsville). I must of read at least 50 different labels looking for one that read "Product of Thailand". Does anyone know of a place in the Baltimore area to get Thai tea leaves? If not, then how about further south on I-95? Columbia, Laurel, College Park?

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  1. I'm a Bmore foodie, too, and have had a hard time finding things like this. Your best bet is to just buy online! has a ton of stuff - they sell Thai Iced Tea powder (you just need to mix it with water and sugar, I think)

    I also like - here are their Thai Iced Tea syrups

    1. This probably isn't exactly what you're looking for, but it may be worth talking to the Thai people who have that great little stand (with yummy mango and sticky rice) at the Sunday farmer's mkt (the one under the JFX) and see where they get their tea.

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        I am surprised to hear that a giant Asian store doesn't have it. Any Thai grocery store should have it. It comes in form of a brown powder, usually largish 0.5 or 1 lb bags.
        Bangkok 54 in Arlington sells 3 different brands.

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          Thanks a lot for bringing these folks to my attention. Went there this past weekend and their Thai iced tea and mango sticky rice were both very very good considering they are selling it from a stand.

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            Finally followed your advice (two years later) and asked the Thai stand at JFX. They said they usually get their Thai tea mix from Silver Spring or Virginia, but they mentioned that some stores near the Library on or around Park Avenue should have it. They couldn't tell me an exact store, but I thought I'd put the information out there in case someone knows what store(s) they might be talking about.

          2. Yes, there's a place called "Asia Mart" or something like that on York Road (south of Northern Parkway and north of Coldspring lane) that sells Thai Tea leaves. It's next door to where the old Thai restaurant used to be (they're building townhomes on that site now). That's where I buy my Thai Tea leaves.

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              That would be "Asia Food", on the west side of York Road just south of Woodbourne Ave.

            2. Thanks onocoffee and Hal. I picked up the Thai Tea mix from Asia Food and made my first batch yesterday. It is a bit of a pain to make but it came out wonderful. Better than most restaurants. Thanks again.

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