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Jun 26, 2007 09:29 PM

Kansan Needs Boston Italian Caterer

Please help! Mother of the bride (in Kansas) looking for a great Italian caterer in the Boston area for a buffet wedding dinner with REAL Italian food. Wedding is in Belmont with dinner in the church hall. All ideas appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. If you are looking for good traditional red-sauce Italian, I've attended weddings, etc. that have been catered by Spinelli's in East Boston. They do a good job.

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      I have been to Christeneings and bd parites catered by Spinelli's, and would agree that it is good Italian red sauce. Have had the stuffed shells, pizza lasagna, chicken, brocolloi ziti. Never had a sit down catered meal, but I imagine that would be good, too.

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        1. Artu -
          6 Prince St, Boston
          Phone: (617) 742-4336

          Vinny T’s of Boston-
          Back Bay location
          867 Boylston Street
          Boston, MA 02116
          Phone: 617.262.6699
          Fax: 617.437.7310

        2. I'm not sure they can handle a huge affair (but it's unclear from your post how big the wedding is) but I like Domenic's in Waltham:

          Bonus is it's pretty close to Belmont.