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Jun 26, 2007 09:22 PM

Lunch in Koreatown?

Hi! I'm going to a spa on Thursday with my mom in Koreatown (it's called Olympic spa). I'm looking for a tasty but not fancy lunch recommendation for Korean food. I love kimbab and whoe bimbab (with the raw tuna), not really that interested in doing barbecue. Anyone got some ideas about where we should go?

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  1. Great bi bim bap dol sot (hot pot style) at Jeon Ju at Vermont and Olympic, though I don't think they have the raw tuna style. Beverly Soontofu, right across the street, is also excellent. These are two of my lunch go-tos.

    1. It's not fancy, but they have a kitchen and serve food at Olympic Spa. You might want to call and find out what's on the menu. From my recollection, they have a good number of choices and the prices are very low.
      This place, right?

      1. I like Dong Il Jang's whoe bibimbap a lot. It seems to have a good ratio of sashimi and veggies. They also have dol sot bibimbap, and it's pretty good. I'd say you can't go wrong there since they have a variety of dishes other than bbq.

        You can also do soontofu, nangmeung, or even go to Galleria market food court for a quick bite (they have everything from jajangmeun, dukbukgi to pho). Have fun with your mom!

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          Thanks guys, we actually ended up eating at Olympic and had wonderful kimbab and dumpling soup. The experience at the spa was phenomenal, very much culture shock, but incredible. Highly recommended (though it's women only!).