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Jun 26, 2007 09:14 PM

Best cupcakes in AZ??

Please advise! I have tried "Cupcakes" at the Hilton Village in Scottsdale, and was not too impressed.

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  1. well, the 2 inches of butter cream on tammie coe ooey goeys are winners,

    but i had some rockstar fantastic cupcakes this weekend at sweet pea bakery on jackson. and while you're there you simply must try the rosemary shortbread.

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    1. re: winedubar

      I agree with winedubar - Sweet Pea Bakery makes a great cupcake. The carrot cake ones were yummy and they had an almond one that was very good.

      1. re: winedubar

        I had one of the Ooey Gooey cupcakes at Tammie's Roosevelt location and was completely unimpressed. The buttercream was a real buttercream, but was a basic vanilla buttercream, hardly as swoon-worthy as some had led me to believe. The cake itself was a little dry and one-dimensionally tasted like flat cocoa powder. The slight bitterness of the cake was a nice contrast to the frosting but on its own was a quality below supermarket bakery cupcakes. There wasn't all that much buttercream, either.

        1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

          we're cupcake freaks and so far, we're still searching.

          we've been big fans of tammie coe cupcakes but on our 3 or 4 past visits to lgo, we've been getting ones where the cake is prettty dry. don't know if something's going on there. we seem to still order them every visit though hoping.

          while there is still something to be desired, we have been hitting cupcakes every once in a while. they're not bad. it's also nice for our dairy allergic daughter (as they have a vegan one).

          did lulu's way back and they were decent too so we want to try them again to & see for ourselves if the quality has dropped significantly.

          i don't know though. these shops like lulu's & cupcakes. you'd think if your one & only focus was cupcakes and you had a whole operation dedicated to it, you might be able to do something a bit more fantastic.

          waiting to see what sprinkle's (going to be on camelback & scottsdale road - ne corner) will be like.

          will have to try sweet pea bakery as haven't been let down by a winedubar recommendation yet.

          1. re: ccl1111

            I tried going to the Sprinkles in Beverly Hills this spring, but the line was about an hour long. Just a warning.

            1. re: dustchick

              wow an hour long line for cupcakes.... be very interesting to see what kind of cupcakes merit an hour wait. would give it a shot though!

              1. re: ccl1111

                I live in Scottsdale but this summer I'm in la, so I've had the opportunity to taste many a cupcake out here. Sprinkles is by far my favorite (based on moistness and sweetness and frosting amount), and I'm really excited that they're putting one in at home! The line at the beverly hills location may LOOK long, but it goes fast, as will probably be the case in scottsdale. You must try the red velvet! I also recommend the vanilla and carrot. What is the scheduled opening date?

            2. re: ccl1111

              :D well hopefully you'll love it as much as i do :) i snuck in a visit this week - they had olive oil cupcakes, margarita tarte, lemon tarts, mojito cookies, brownie chunk cookies, flourless chocolate cakes and the rosemary shortbread cookies.....mmmmmmm royal coffee bar next door is great too :)

              1. re: winedubar

                the pb&j cookies at sweetpea are also a yummy treat

              2. re: ccl1111

                I have to disagree with you on the vegan cupcake at "Cupcakes". It was horrible - tasteles and the frosting was horrendous. Also, if you go to that store, you need to arrive early, as they run out of product very quickly.

          2. I am on the same mission to find delicious cupcakes. I love sweets, and I love the portion control that cupcakes offer! Plus they are just so darn cute!! Lulu's is horrible. Don't bother, you will only be disappointed. Tammie Coe's are pretty good. I had the coconut and was not impressed, but I liked the banana chocolate. They sell them out of the cooler, so you really have to wait until the cupcakes get to room temperature. Alas, I have yet to find anything that tastes as good to me as my own homemade cupcakes. I make a killer chocolate cupcake with peanutbutter frosting!! But who wants to use the oven this time of year?? I am curious about sweetpeas...

            1. Barb's Bakery 24th St and Thomas does GREAT cupcakes. We love their Red Velvet and Carrot Cake especially. Barb's just did a phenomenal birthday cake for my boyfriend. The service is excellent and the cupcakes and cakes YUMMY!

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              1. re: Lala0310

                Have you ever had the pink champagne cake at Barb's? I've been fascinated with this since I learned they make such a thing not long ago. We've been weight watching so have not been able to justify trying one but I am absolutely dying to know if it's any good!

                1. re: ziggylu

                  No, we are Red Velvet addicts LOL. I love pink champagne cake, I haven't had it in years. I'll have to try it next time.

                  1. re: ziggylu

                    I've not had the pink champagne at Barb's I'll have to try it. That being said, my wedding cake was pink champagne from Victorian Cake Company and it was awesome. We actually re-order a little cake every year on our anniversary ;) (I know, not a cupcake place, but I had to chime in on the pink champagne cake)

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