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Jun 26, 2007 09:01 PM

cold brewed iced coffee?

i just read that nytimes article on cold brewed iced coffee and it sounds like ive been missing something pretty big...does anybody know any places around cambridge/boston that make iced coffee cold brewed?

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  1. I wouldn't sweat the cold brewed coffee that much. I have a Tody cold-brew coffee maker. I'm actually not that impressed with it. I gave it another whirl this summer and used high quality dark roasted cuban coffee beans. My husband and I both enjoyed the ice coffee we made with the brew, but we prefered the flavour of the same beans brewed with a simple stove top espresso maker. Plus, I used a whole pound of beans for a carafe of cold brew that lasted a week. A pound usually lasts us a month.

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      Cold brewed coffee is definitely worth it.

      Basically, the cold-brewing process creates a stronger coffee, almost like a syrup, that can either be diluted or not. By brewing it cold, the result is a very low acid, but very strong cup of smooth flavored coffee. Just like hot brewed coffee, the trick is to find a blend that you feel aligns to your taste preference. I personally love low acid, but nutty, earthy beans/roasts.

      You can actually make your own cold brew in a large french press by filling it about half way full of ground coffee and then the other half with cold water. You let it sit overnight and then you have this "extract" that can be used to make iced coffee, you can add hot water and have a diluted, but still perfect cup of hot coffee, or you can even put it on ice cream and the like.

      Good stuff.

    2. Carburys in central sq does it.


      1. 1369 makes cold brewed iced coffee. I haven't tried it yet, but have been meaning to.

        1. Check out the Hourglass. I just found it online and bought one. It uses no filters and makes great cold brew coffee, plus it looks really cool. It's a lot more portable than the Toddy and less messy to use. It's got this portable Bean Kanteen so I took my brew to work with me too.

          1. Sample the cold-brewed iced coffee at 1369 before you buy a Toddy. I think it's certainly a mild brew, but also lacks depth. Then try the iced coffee at True Grounds for comparison: they ice a slightly strong filter brew made from Howell's beans. That crushes a Toddy brew, in my book.