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Israeli couscous - where to buy?

I can't find it, even at Whole Foods... does anyone know where to get it locally, preferably 'east of La Brea'?

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  1. I've definitely bought it at Trader Joe's. I have seen it at Whole Foods, not sure which one you're going to... Also, Wild Oats, Gelson's and Bristol Farms.

    1. just west of La Brea, in the farmer's market and Monsieur Marcel for sure.

      1. I have bought Israeli couscous at Surfas Restaurant Supply Store in Culver City

        1. I purchased it recently at Whole Foods in Thousand Oaks. Ask the manager to reorder if they are out.

          1. I've seen it in the bulk grains section of Whole Foods.

            1. I've seen it at Gelson's, whole foods, Follow your HEart, Glatt markets, Erehwon. But not all the time!

              1. Surprisingly I was able to find it at our local Ralphs.

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                    Second that, saw it a few days ago there, only 1 variety though.

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                      If you post this to the kosher board you will get many responses. Many Israeli markets have kosher food products. Check out all the kosher markets that are in the Beverly La Brea area going up to Pico Robertson area. Also look up Kosher Club. Here is another place I found. La Brea Kosher Market 410 N. La Brea Ave. (323) 931-1221.