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Jun 26, 2007 08:50 PM

Tatiana's Brighton Beach

A huge group of us (about 40) went Friday for dinner. What a gem of a place. Massive amounts of food (Russian), vodka, a show and then dancing. Wonderful atmosphere. A friend organised the whole thing and the food kept on coming. It was pricey but you can bring your own alcohol (worth it as they charge a lot for drinks).

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  1. Entertainment was inside or outside?

    You can BYOB if you are sitting outside too?

    1. Sounds terrific. Could you give us an idea of what the food was like, and how pricey it was?

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        the entertainment is inside, they have a stage and do a half hour stage show that is magnificent, great costumes and dancing.

        food - we had the family style menu, it was arranged by a russian friend, when we arrived there were a huge number of apps on the table, cold meats, salads, hot potatoes (yummy), cold fish dishes, s salmon, etc. we had a bottle of vodka per 10 people, then came more food, hot dishes mostly like duck, chicken, lamb chops, eggplant and tomato parm, more salads and sides, then more meat, then hot salmon then more chicken. then dessert with ice cream. The show was midway through our meal.
        After the show they have disco music and dancing. We left at 2am.
        not sure if you can BYO outside but I guess you could call and ask.
        this meal was $100 per head incl tax and service. I daresay you could order cheaper off the menu and maybe they do a per head cheaper too. I didnt organise it so do not know what else they offer.
        the decor is nice, fab atmosphere, service was fine but we were in no hurry and were not paying close attention to how quickly they cleared or brought more food. To be honest we didnt want to hurry and there was a lot of food so it was good to be paced.
        I would definitely recommend it for a family reunion or out of towners, be sure to be seated within view of the show, some tables' views are blocked by pillars.

      2. Had lunch there outside, on the boardwalk yesterday. Two of us shared:
        -an order of cold borscht, which was what I would call shav not borscht (not beets) - but quite delicious if a bit salty for my tastes
        -herring - good (I've had better - but my mom who hasn't had much herring recently was still talking about it hours later)
        -eggplant caviar - really delicious eggplant dip served with toast

        That, and two draft beers, was about $40. Service was, as my mom said, "authentically surly." On the other hand, since we weren't in a rush, it was nice to just sit and enjoy the ocean breeze without being disturbed.

        1. i did my 30th bday there. there were about 25-30 of us. some people originally balked at the price, but in the end, everyone had a great time and were very glad they ended up going.

          keep in mind that the nighttime (weekend?) dinner/banquet/show is a very different experience than having lunch on the boardwalk.
          its a great experience overall, and something that should involve a lot of drinking and probably enjoyed by a group for a special occasion.
          the "dinner show" is a truly surreal, funny, somewhat cheesy, amazing experience that involved things like aliens doing a russian bhangra dance (seriously).

          the food was pretty good and seemingly never-ending. its banquet style and when we arrived there was so much food on our table that we wondered how we would finish it. little did we know, that was just the beginning. food continued to brought out all night, and as they brought us ribs at 1am we finally had to ask them to stop piling food on our table.

          this is an something that everyone should experience once.
          highly recommended.

          1. I've also tried to bring Americans there (and to other Russian restaurants of this type - my favorite is Passage, the food is MUCH better), and many of them balk at the price. What many people don't realize is that for what you get, you'd easily spend twice or three times that in the City. Just count those $10 - $12 drinks you order at any lounge today, (not even talking about food and ability to hit the dance floor).

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              I usually go to Rasputin, which I think is the best Russian night club . They have a French and Russian menu. They also have entertainment and dancing all night. Great night out with a group of people. It usually costs about $225 with booze and food, and well worth it.