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Jun 26, 2007 08:30 PM

harbourfront area?

is there a good but not too expensive restaurant near the harbourfront centre?

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  1. Hi,

    I've only just moved to the area and am still finding all the good spots. One place I can definitely recommend is Spice Thai Restaurant. It's located at 250 Queen's Quay. The food is excellent, even if the decor is a little much. The only dish to avoid is the beef salad as it actually is a salad with lettuce and carrots in addition to the traditional thai beef.

    If you find something else that's good, please let me know.

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    1. re: tellerium

      Oh, I had forgotten Spice Thai, and I used to live in that building! I went not long after they opened, and had such a horrifying experience that I never returned, despite the enticing aroma coming out the filthy back door by the driveway.

      The three things I remember about my one meal there are 1) They managed to serve me my shrimp, unintentionally, almost entirely raw - if they can't remember "pink is cooked, blue is raw", then I worry. 2) We ran out of water before the meal arrived, requested more, and did not see our server again until the end of the meal, which leads to 3) The SERVER was carrying an infant that screamed as though it had a red-hot poker touching it, for the entire duration of our visit. We could hear the shrieking from the kitchen as if it was next to us...

      Of course, things change, and it's nice to hear that the place has improved enough to warrant a recommendation!

      1. re: Smalph

        I find their portions a bit small, esp the amount of meat/seafood in the serving. For better value I would suggest Ichiban Sushi in the same complex.

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