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Jun 26, 2007 08:12 PM

Phantom Gourmet BBQ Beach Party

This was pretty much a disaster. Spent close to $100 and sampled hardly any food. Over sold and not enough vendors. Email sent to PG CEO and his response below:

Sent: Saturday, June 23, 2007 8:49 PM
Subject: BBQ Beach party?

The party was anything but.
Parties conjur up fun & good times.
From the dozens of people I talked to at the event on Saturday, there was none of that.
Family of six spent $60 to get in, lines of TWO HOURS for food. Only got to eat Fireflies because no line (which we can do any day of the week) and ONE other vendor. Who can wait that long for food?
Ridiculous. Limit the amount of tickets sold and increase vendors.
I feel used, ripped off & abused.
Total waste of a day.
Not a lot of happy people there.
You should be ashamed of this event and what the admission fee bought: a 10 cent chain of beads, access to long lines, and a rickety, nasty, dirty ferris wheel.
Will not be coming back.

Digruntled former Phantom viewer.

His response:

From: Dave Andelman <>
Reply-To: <>

I'm sorry you did not enjoy the event, we did our best.

Gee, that was heartfelt. Thanks for really reaching out.

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  1. It just goes to prove how l-o-w the bar for The Purple Gang's "best" is actually set.

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      1. I can't agree more with your review. I went with 4 friends, we each took a line for an hour and a half and sampled 4 of the vendors. 3 of them were sub par. I would say the local places were better from eating at their resteraunts There was one standout, which was REALLY good:

        The rest of the food was expensive and not too good. $8 for 4 ribs, $5 for a sandwitch. These prices were on top of the $10 to get in. Small cups of bud light for $5. I felt like I was at Fenway park. The other major problem was that I couldn't drink while waiting in line for over an hour. Happy I went i guess, but will not go back. At least I found a good BBQ place in Phili next time I am down there.

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          1. The original comment has been removed