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Jun 26, 2007 08:07 PM

Mail-Order Food for the All-American Cookout

Hello Hounds--

So I've got an interesting question to pose to you today. This summer, I'm celebrating a milestone birthday by throwing a real All-American Cookout for a number of my friends-- I did this last year and it was a real hit. The biggest hit of all was the Rendezvous pork ribs I had flown in-- I think folks liked having something fun, "foreign," and authentic. I'm considering expanding the concept to other great regional treats. I'm wondering what ideas you've got for foods that are tasty, interesting, summer-ish, and 100% American! Could do protein, sides, drinks, desserts, you name it. While I don't want to spend tons, I am willing to drop a little cash for something really great and authentic.

So that's it. What's YOUR favorite American cookout mail-order food secret?

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  1. Crawfish flown in from Louisiana! Some of the best backyard blowouts I've been to have included a crawfish boil. There's nothing better than seeing a group of adults sucking the heads off them things!

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      This is a very interesting idea-- where can I get some good crawfish flown in from?

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        Hmm. I've never ordered it, just eaten it. I'm sure other chowhounds have resources. All I know is to make sure to throw whole bulbs of garlic, red potatoes, and corn on the cob in with the crawfish and spices. The sides get spicy too and are really great.

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          I'm pretty sure crawfish is seasonal, and not during the summer. I think the season ends in June/July?

      2. All-American huh, how about Coca-Cola and ribeyes on the grill for a couple ideas

        1. Alaskan seafood. Grilled salmon! There are several sources, but I've had excellent results with Fisherman's Express. For steaks, my current favorite is Tallgrass; juicy, grass fed, no hormones, etc.

          1. You can get some truly incredible meat and/or wild game (quail, pheasant, oregon fallow venison, roosevelt elk, bison, etc) from NickyUSA out of portland,OR (503.234.4263) i think they have a website of the same name but too much unique stuff to list here.