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Jun 26, 2007 07:08 PM

Best place to study?

Where is the best cafe / restaurant / deli / diner / pub to study with a laptop? Price and type of food doesn't matter as much as environment and comfort.


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  1. Hi Singar, try Think Coffee on Mercer street or Doma Cafe and Gallery on 7th ave and Perry. Both are in the Village area (I am not sure if that works for you) and are serious laptop hangouts (with decent food and coffee, too). Good luck.

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      I always liked Starbucks. There are plenty of outlets slighty off of the beaten path that don't get overly crowded if you time it right. Most are open late and the staff does not bother you. And how much more convenient could it be to get a caffeine fix? BTW - if you're studying for the NYS bar exam good luck!

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        Second Doma, which is a great place to study.

      2. The Brazil Coffee House on the corner of lexington and 30th street has free wi-fi which is a big plus over starbucks!

        1. doma-west village
          columbus bakery-uws

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            I second Brazil Coffee House and would also add 71 Irving and Subtlea which is on 30th and Madison (they have lots of hookups)

          2. Thanks for the reply guys.

            But most of these places sound crowded and busy. I'm actually looking for a place where I can sit and work (I'll keep ordering, of course) without being forced or guilt tripped into leaving.

            What do you think?

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            1. re: Singar

              you can work at all of these places .i wrote my dissertation at doma, columbus bakery and 71 irving...

              1. re: Singar

                doma definitely doesn't guilt trip you into leaving - however if you don't live in the area, it can be inconvenient at times because it gets super crowded, and sometimes you can't get a seat. however, this shouldn't be much of a problem if you're going during the daytime. also, there are a lot of cafes around there.

                if doma is too crowded i usually go to one of a few places:
                'snice at 8th ave and horatio - lots of people work here. i don't like the food very much, but the coffee's fine. lots of space, too.
                brewbar coffee at 327 west 11th street - usually pretty quiet in this place
                grounded at jane street near hudson - cute little organic coffee shop with a skylight inside. can get a bit warm in here.

                1. re: shirlotta

                  starbucks on cross bay blvd ;) gorgeous view and med /law school students all around you ;)

                  1. re: Shamibabylove

                    telegraphe cafe...18th st. just west of 6th wi-fi...

                2. re: Singar

                  this isn't a restaurant, but a coffee shop. it's a new place called Mojo Coffee. i see a lot of people in there working on laptops, but it's nowhere near as crowded as Doma. in fact, it's new enough to be under the radar. only thing is it's far west - charles st. west of greenwich st. they do serve sandwiches and the coffee is great.

                  also, another coffee shop that's similar, but busier, is Grounded. jane st, west of greenwich ave. lots of laptops in there.

                3. Think Coffee is really good place for me to concentrate and do work.

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                  1. re: hinako

                    I don't understand how anyone can concentrate and work in Think Coffee. It should be called Disturbance Cafe.

                    While one of the more exceptional cafes in NYC, because of the enormity of the space and the excellent coffee, they can't seem to decide whether or not it's a cafe or a club. The music is always FAR TOO LOUD and especially intolerable because, generally, it's awful third rate music. Ambience is one thing, noise is another. If they're doing it to drive away the pesky NYU students, it's not working.

                      1. re: nebula

                        The Think Coffee location on Mercer is awful for studying-though lots of students go there, the staff go out of their way to make people leave. The other night (it's finals time, mind you, so tons of people were attempting to study there) around 9 or 10pm they started playing Christmas songs very loudly, and not just any Christmas songs-they were more annoying than Alvin and the Chipmunks versions. They were Christmas songs sung by dying/sick animals, complete with lots of sad barking and meowing. The worst part is the staff seemed to derive pleasure from watching customer's faces turn to horror. The staff actively laughed and pointed at guests exhibiting signs of being annoyed from the music, and eventually most people gave in and left. I stayed for about 45 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore, and when I said "congratulations, you've lost another customer", they seemed genuinely proud of themselves.

                        The coffee is decent, but to deal with staff who ACTIVELY do things to shoo away their customers is simply not worth it. Bring your money to another coffee shop, there are tons in this neighborhood.