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Sushi in Houston

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I'm a California girl in Houston for business for the next two weeks (having already been here for four). I'm all about great Tex-Mex, but I'm dying for good sushi. I'm staying at the University of Houston, but wouldn't mind traveling elsewhere in the city. What would you recommend?

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  1. I have not been in a long time but Kubo's in the Rice Village area was pretty good.
    Ginza is top notch but pretty far from where you are and Teppay is/was the best but it is very expensive and a pretty far as well.
    Personally I would stay away from Miyako and Japon, being from Cali you would recognize these two as being pretty lame IMO.

    1. jscarbor is right about Ginza, it is great but a little far from where you are located. I would suggest Sushi King at Kirby and Richmond. I know it is a cheesy name, but it is quality. http://www.sushiking.us/

      1. Sasaki on Westheimer at Fondren. Japanese-run, lotta Japanese clientele. After spending several years in NYC, I haven't found a better place since returning to H-town. In addition to sushi, you should try their tempura.

        1. I second Sushi King on Kirby.... really good. Also, Azuma in Rice Village is wonderful. Blue Fish on Richmond is super casual and good.

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            I second Azuma! And if it isn't open already, their new location on Washington will be open soon and might be a little closer to you than Rice Village (but I don't know).

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              Washington location is atleast a couple months away from opening.

          2. RA Sushi on Westheimer is good, too.

            1. Sushi King would be my recommendation for sushi, too.

              For TexMex, try the fajitas or the green chili chicken enchiladas at Lupe Tortillas on I-59 between Shepherd and Kirby.

              I'd also highly recommend Goode Company Seafood on Westpark near Kirby--get the seafood campechana appetizer, gumbo is great, as is all their food.

              For Thai, you aren't very far from a great hole-in-the-wall place called Kanomwan, located at 736 Telephone Rd [off I-45, Telephone Rd. exit--(713) 923-4230]. Atmosphere isn't great, but it is all about the food.