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Jun 26, 2007 07:05 PM

Sushi in Houston

I'm a California girl in Houston for business for the next two weeks (having already been here for four). I'm all about great Tex-Mex, but I'm dying for good sushi. I'm staying at the University of Houston, but wouldn't mind traveling elsewhere in the city. What would you recommend?

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  1. I have not been in a long time but Kubo's in the Rice Village area was pretty good.
    Ginza is top notch but pretty far from where you are and Teppay is/was the best but it is very expensive and a pretty far as well.
    Personally I would stay away from Miyako and Japon, being from Cali you would recognize these two as being pretty lame IMO.

    1. jscarbor is right about Ginza, it is great but a little far from where you are located. I would suggest Sushi King at Kirby and Richmond. I know it is a cheesy name, but it is quality.

      1. Sasaki on Westheimer at Fondren. Japanese-run, lotta Japanese clientele. After spending several years in NYC, I haven't found a better place since returning to H-town. In addition to sushi, you should try their tempura.

        1. I second Sushi King on Kirby.... really good. Also, Azuma in Rice Village is wonderful. Blue Fish on Richmond is super casual and good.

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            I second Azuma! And if it isn't open already, their new location on Washington will be open soon and might be a little closer to you than Rice Village (but I don't know).

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              Washington location is atleast a couple months away from opening.

          2. RA Sushi on Westheimer is good, too.