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Jun 26, 2007 07:01 PM

Food portions for tasting menus

My SO and I are thinking about going to Splendido for an all-out no expense spared meal. We have never had a tasting menu before and are concerned about food portions. Will we need an A&W hamburger after we are done our meal? Or will our stomachs be happily satisfied? How long would I expect for dinner to last? Is it an all evening event? We are grazers at heart, so subsequently, we eat proportionally more the longer we sit.
We are by no means "super-sized" eaters, however, we do have healthy appetites for good food.
I'm pretty confident after reading numerous posts that the quality of food and service will be excellent.

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  1. You will not be hungry afterwards, and you will be there for several hours.

    The interesting thing about a tasting menu done right is that even those who poo-poo the sometimes smaller sized dishes don't get that when food is timed right, your appetite gets sated without you having to eat 2 huge bowls of pasta topped with potatoes. A properly timed and well orchestrated multi-course meal lets your appetite catch up to the food that you are eating, you will most likely feel full after your wonderful meal at Splendido.

    1. I've had many tasting menus throughout the years and never have I left and eaten afterwards. I consider myself to have a good apetite. I would say 3 hours is a decent time for a 9 course tasting menu. All my experiences have been in the states except the defunct Avalon. Let us know how it goes. Dave Lee is a top notch chef.

      1. Agreed, I've never left feeling even remotely hungry after a top-flight tasting menu. And since I usually have matching wines, I get a nice buzz going too. My favourite way to eat, wish I could afford to do it more often. Please report back, I bet you'll have a great time.