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Jun 26, 2007 06:52 PM

Banchan à La Carte, in Koreatown -- anyone tried it yet?

Gayot's LA Restaurant News has a paragraph about a new "high-end Korean deli" on Western, with "European-influenced Korean offerings include herb-rubbed beef ribs, fried salt-and-pepper shrimp served over crispy rice noodles, kimchi pancakes, bibimbap and ready-to-cook marinated short ribs, plus sandwiches and dozens of banchan." Google turned up one positive review on Yelp (raving in particular about their miild cucumber kimchee) but not much else.

Sounds interesting. Has anyone tried it yet?

If this place has been discussed already on Chowhound, my apologies, but you can imagine how difficult it is to search for a new place called "Banchan" using the "Billy Pilgrim" search engine.

According to Gayot, the details are:

Banchan à La Carte, 141 N. Western Ave., Los Angeles, 323-465-2400.
Open Mon.-Sat. from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. and Sun. from 8 a.m.-6 p.m.

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  1. This place is a hidden gem. I read about them on Gayot and went to check them out a few days ago and was absolutely delighted. We had their lunch box special for around $10 dollars per person which included all sorts of awesome delicious Korean banchan, miso soup, and the best grilled chicken in town. You can also just go for a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy their beautiful herb garden. I'm going back again for sure. This place looks sort of like Joan's on third but with Korean flair. You can also buy stuff to take home from the deli section.

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      I went to the opening celebration and it's a great place. It's sort of like a Koreatown version of Famima, but better. The owner is the host of her own cooking shows on Korean language TV, but this place is definitely trying to appeal to a non-Korean audience also.
      Banchan in Korean means a la carte, or on the side, and that's the beauty of the place. Besides the typical sort of boxes, you can get tons of awesome lil' sides or dishes and create your own sort of enjoyable treats, including about a half dozen different kinds of seawood, each prepared in a different manner.

      It's definitely worth a visit, and like Daisy said, I'd call this place a hidden gem.

      1. re: peanut112

        The fried seaweed is great with beer!

    2. I'm in Los Angeles at this very moment. I actually read an article about this place in KoreAm magazine sometime last month. Plan on visiting it tomorrow before I fly back home. Will report back.