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Jun 26, 2007 06:12 PM

The York - quick update

i walked by the supposed in-the-making gastropub called the york, formerly known as the wild hare, last night. no, it's not open yet, but i got a good peek inside. it looks like they're almost done with the facelift, and i gotta say, NICE! the middle wall has been knocked down, the bar has been redone with huge chunks of wood, and the side walls are exposed brick. the ceiling was also removed to the bones. so the overall effect is loftlike and hip.

here's hoping that the food is as good as the new look when the york opens, whenever that may be. who could have imagined something like this on york bl just a few years ago....

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  1. Yes, they're hoping to open July 17. They're going to have a small plates menu, and you will order at the bar like at Father's Office.

      1. re: justanotherpenguin

        On York Blvd. in Highland Park Btwn. Ave. 50 & 51 on the South side of the street.
        In the former location of the Wild Hare.

      2. Is it the same owners as the Wild Hare? I heard such good things about that place, never got around to visiting.

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        1. There was lots of activity there tonight. Maybe a soft opening or a party? Anyone have a report? I have to say it was funny seeing these dressed up people smoking on York Ave.

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          1. re: annalulu

            Yes, I went to the soft opening. Service was naturally a bit flustered on the first night, but the food seemed very solid. The menu is fairly brief but with several nice choices -- they were already out of fish 'n chips, seemed like everyone wanted that. The seared catfish with sauteed corn was a healthier alternative to the more indulgent very juicy burger on brioche bun, cuban sandwich, etc. I liked the fried garbanzo beans for snacking with beer. Nice beer list and a good small wine list, as well as hard liquor. We peeked in Marty's too and the atmosphere at the York seemed much more pleasant with the big windows open to the street.

            1. re: Chowpatty

              Anyone else? Dying to know more...

              1. re: alnyden

                It's been open and packed the last couple nights........go check it tonight.....

                It's a really nice space w/good food and vibe that I so wish was not 5 minutes walking distance from my house!!!!
                I have a feeling a lot of my money is going to be spent there this summer.

                1. re: alnyden

                  parking trick - there is a public parking lot on the street just south of york bl. (lincoln ave?) if york bl is jammed, park there, walk through the alley, and turn left. the york (and johnny's) should be a couple of doors down.

                  1. re: smssms

                    FYI - that is not the safest parking lot. There is another one 1/2 block up from York on Ave. 51 that is well-lit and has a lot of foot traffic to deter would be car breaker-inners.

                    1. re: slowrider

                      When we went to the Wild Hare we always parked around the corner on the east side of 51st - maybe not the most secure, but well-lighted, and we always got a spot just one or two car-lengths from York. Never had any trouble of any kind.

                      1. re: Will Owen

                        i just thought i'd mention it since twice i couldn't find street parking on york bl or ave 51 this week. that part of york bl is turning into a little late night scene, with the york/johnny's/marty's recently opening.

                        1. re: smssms

                          My wife and I went there last night and loved the place. Great vibe and very stylish.We found it to be a fun place and the service was great. It is sure nice to see York Blvd taking off; it is truley an gold mind which is finally being tapped.