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Jun 26, 2007 05:30 PM

What not to miss while downtown for 2 nights

I'm in Chicago in the middle of July for a business meeting for 3 days and 2 nights. What should I not miss while I'm there? I appreciate dives and upscale alike, love all types of food, budget is not an issue. Thanks from a foodie in Maine!

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  1. HI - this request is so broad, Chicago is a huge, diverse place with so many wonderful and awful things. If you could narrow your request just a bit, geography perhaps, which meals, your preferences and dislikes, it would help us help you.

    1. If budget is truly not an issue, Tru or Everest would be my recs. If you want dive, try the original Billy Goat Tavern, below Michigan Ave. across from the Tribune building. Take the stairs down. It's the place Saturday Night Live made famous with their cheeborger, cheeborger skit.

      If you can get a reservation, Frontera Grill is more or less equal to its hype. Call early A.M.

      I really like Cafe Iberico, a tapas joint on LaSalle at Chicago. Cheap, great sangria, good food. I generally take visitors there because it's fun and there's something for everyone on the menu. And they always want to go back when they return to Chicago.

      P.S. I grew up in Westbrook, just outside of Portland.