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Where, besides La Palapa, can one get a michelada downtown? Bonus points if there's outdoor seating.

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      1. *swoon* I love Micheladas. I've even considered naming my first-born daughter Michelada. (The second will be named Jim Beam.)

        I have to confess that I just googled this and haven't tried myself, but Mercadito in the east village (and maybe Mercadito Grove in the w.v.) have them, as does Rosa Mexicana. The Lincoln Ctr Rosa does kind of bland ones. I haven't had them at the union square location.

        1. What a great question! I've always relied on Cafe Habana on Prince in NoLiTa though you have to fight the crowds to get one. No outdoor seating, either. Such a great refreshment in heat like this...

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            Yeah, the heat is what has me craving one.

            I admit the crowds at Habana put me off a little. Maybe I'll try El Maguey Y La Tuna...

          2. habana's is great. for less, hassle, no wait, no attitude, but a more hole-in-wall yet homey no-frills atmosphere... they'll make you a good one at family run El Maguey Y La Tuna.

            1. The one at Centrico in Tribeca is excelente. The one at Florencia 13 on Sullivan is hit or miss. Last time it took plenty of sipping plus 2 extra Tecates to dilute it enough to drink it - way too much Tabasco. Both have outdoor seating.

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              1. They make them at Dos Caminos also...you may have to ask, though--I can't remember if it's on the menu or not.