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Jun 26, 2007 04:21 PM

Monday night at Acme

Haven't been in over a year, but I had to post in response to many hounds who didn't like getting mackeral & skatefish at upscale restaurants.
Anyway one of last night's specials was softshell crabs on a bed of creamed greens with a romesco sauce that the waiter was happy to put on the side. I had 2 dishes from the 'small plates' fish chowder and fried oysters on a bed of greens.
When ordering I asked the waiter if catfish (which I hate) was in the fish stock, he whisked away & asked the chef: flounder & grouper which were also the night specials. Now those are top-flight fish & my creamy big bowl of chowder was fantastic. The 5 oysters were beautifully fried & the greens were delicious dressed with an excellent balsamic dressing.

My friend's soft shell crabs were huge & the meatiest he ever had. Usually when they are that big the shell is hard. Not at Acme. He'd also ordered shoestring fries, really crisp and you could taste the sea salt. Nice. We had 2 glasses of Pinot Grigio. And because the plates were large.we shared the blueberry cobbler. Those were wild tiny blueberries & they sure as heck tasted different. We raved. Our bill came to $70.

Our waiter was extremely helpful, the service very good without being rushed at all. We're both former New Yorkers, and he looked at me & said ' you could find as fine a chef in new yourk but you can't touch the fish & produce..' I thought my dinner was a great bargain. So if you want fish, fine fish, grouper, flounder, crabs etc..go to Acme.

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  1. This is good to hear - I haven't been to ACME in a long time, but when I went I thoroughly enjoyed the food. Looks like it's time for a return visit.

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    1. re: Jeanne

      Please kindly advise where ACME is located, Rory's report sounds delicious!!

      Thanks in advance for your reply.

        1. re: brokegradstudent

          Thanks for the info, will give it a try in August

          1. re: NXS

            So they are back on their game? From all reports in the past year or so (and the 1-2 odd visits) I've been sorely disappointed. Good to hear they have things back in order.

    2. This is really good to hear. We used to go fairly often, but it seemed that the quality control was missing. I got fish about 6-7 months ago that was outrageously overcooked; also got the goat cheese and crab ravioli and it was just a gummy mess. So we took it off our radar. I'd love for it to be as good as its menu reads. One thing they really need to work on is the bread. Just ... the very worst ever.

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        Okay, but remember that it was Monday. Everything else is closed & they want the custom, so there was a long list of specials & it wasn't crazy-packed. So I can't swear for Friday-Saturday
        You know what go to the bar on a Friday & order a small plate like the oysters & you can get an idea if the weekend is just too much for the kitchen.
        Yes, Lulu's m. the bread was like cake:) kind of funny but it tasted nice with my wine.

      2. Some friends invited us to Acme last night. I'd sworn it off years ago but since it was a birthday I went. I looked in at Chowhound first for anything redeeming.
        Location, location, location-- that's all I can come up with that's holding this place up.
        The food there must be cursed. Dishes were sent back. I ordered the burger thinking it was a safe bet. I asked for medium and it was a tasteless cinder on a wonderbun. I tasted various desserts and they weren't bad, just not any better than lesser offerings anywhere else. The bright spot was our wait who must be a long-timer. Avoid this place at all costs.