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Jun 26, 2007 04:16 PM

Best crockpot cookbook

Does anyone have a favorite book of crockpot cooking? One that doesn't just have chicken and chili recepies. I have a crockpot but don't really know waht to cook in it (besides chili) and would like to get a grasp on how useful a crockpot can be. Plus, I love cookbooks. Any recommendations would be appreciated, thanks.

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  1. I can recommend the "Gourmet Slow Cooker - Simple & Sophisticated Recipes from Around the World" There are recipes from Mexico, North America, France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy... (probably more)

    I've made the Chicken Tarragon & Beef Bourguignon from the French section and they were excellent and simple. You won't find any mushroom soup based recipes here and there is a bit more prep involved, including browning the meat in both of the above, which greatly enhances the flavor. I'm including a link to Amazon, which features volume II of this series.

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      I'd recommend Not Your Mother's Slowcooker Cookbook by Beth Hensperger. I use it quite a bite--lots of recipes for pork, beef, pastas, grains, breakfasts, desserts and of course, chicken and chili are in there too!

    2. I enjoy my Weight Watchers crockpot cookbook. Really different ideas using pork and beef, and when I was working outside the home relied on it quite a bit...

      Make great beans, black eyed peas and baby lima beans too.

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        I don`t use cookbooks, I just go to my favorite search engine and ask for crockpot
        recipes and it will give you all kinds to choose from. you will in turn have more recipes
        than any cookbook. I use (

      2. I purchased Williams-Sonoma's "Food Made Fast" series book for crockpot cooking. I've made two recipes from it, Pulled Pork and a Beef Stew with Bacon. Both were easy and tasty. My husband said it was the best beef stew he's ever eaten. I used the W-S demi-glace and water instead of beef broth, and it turns out very well. What I like best is that it has a great variety of recipes (Latin, French, Mediterranean, African, etc.) and variations on the recipes. Cook's Illustrated "The Best Recipe" has some recipes that let you use the crockpot as an option.

        Currently loving the All-Clad slow-cooker with the stovetop insert!!!!

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          I second the WS Slow Cooking book. In addition to the two recipes you mentioned, there are also some lamb recipes and I love the pot roast one, it's requested a lot in our house. Come fall I want to try more of the soup recipes.

        2. I use this website all the time. There are TONS! Some of them are pretty "eh" but there are some gems in there. I've made a few really good recipes.

          1. "The Gourmet Slow Cooker" is a gem. The Irish Cheese Pudding alone is worth the price of the book ($18.95).