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Jun 26, 2007 04:11 PM

Best French Dip?

I was looking around the boards and could not find much.
Im looking for the best french dip on the peninsula(preferrably between san mateo and Sunnyvale).

It seems that an easy sandwich is too often ruined by:

Fatty meat
Thick cut meat
Bad Roll
Bland Au Jus

Where can one find a nicely grilled sweet french roll covered with tons of thinly sliced roast beef and a tasty au jus?

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  1. I've found two places that do a good job on a French dip. Town on Laurel Street in San Carlos has a prime rib version, thinly sliced, med to med-rare. With fries, it's about $16, I think. The Los Altos Grill also does a decent job, but on one occasion the meat was overcooked. Overall, I prefer the Town version and the accompanying fries at Town.

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    1. re: doc

      I've been meaning to check out Town. Now i have a good reason. Anything elso on the menu I should try?

      I was the first Lead Line cook at the Los Altos Grill back when it started as Bandera!

    2. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a trip to SF and a $17 FD at Houston's - extremely lean, paper thin, medium rare piled high on a perfect bun.... mmmm... the BEST!!

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        I am not a Houston's fan and had to go to the one in LA for some biz lunch and you are right they made an excellent one.

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          For what it's worth ... Los Altos Grill = Houston's, used to be Bandiera. All owned by the Houston's Corp and very similar in menus. I still prefer the Town version of the french dip ... prime rib trumps standard roast beef anytime. Re GreenLight's Q ... I don't think Town is a great restaurant, but it ain't bad. The prime rib is good, and I actually had the sole dinner the other night which was very good. I'm not a fan of any of their semi sushi/sashimi stuff, but all in all, not bad.

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            Im surprised that I did not remember that Houstons and Bandera were affiliated. I remember the Executive chef coming out during the pre grand opening training. He was crazy, Chef Ramsey like. He dubbed me "chipper jones" as the hot new rookie. Hehe good times.

            I think Ill give all 3 sandos a try! Plenty of room in my belly.

        2. I love a good french dip.. there are some excellent ones in LA

          I was trying to recall where I had one last, I think it was up in the North Bay..
          But I remember a long time ago Harrington's Bar and Grill on Front st,. had a pretty good one.. this was some time ago and cannot vouch whether it would be good today.

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            Val's in Daly City has a very good one.

          2. The best french dip sandwich that I've ever had is at the Los Altos Grill on San Antonio Road in Los Altos. The meat is fresh sliced prime rib. The rolls are fresh and crusty. The dipping sauce is delicious.